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Listening for a while...

But never leave reviews... last two episodes were 🔥. You guys are killing it in 2021!

Podcast with Eric Weinstein

This is the greatest podcast episode I've ever listened to. Eric is a unique thinker who gives his honest, independent thought in a time where that should be valued much higher than it is. I was thoroughly impressed with Sagaar and Marshall as well in adding to his ideas as well as giving criticism where they felt it necessary. As someone who comes from a family of MAGA (and voted for Trump myself) I'm grateful that people like Eric exist and show that there's another path forward that doesn't have to be "left" or "right," and I'm grateful for Sagaar and Marshall for giving him the platform to put forth that message. The three of you keep up the good work!

Stay flagrant

Andrew Shultz pod brought me here.But I stayed for your view on everything going on plus awesome guests like Eric Weinstein.

Solid, Well Reasoned Discussion

I greatly enjoy the reasoned discussions and great guests (highlights being Eric Weinstein) - not sensationalized soundbites but thoughtful considerations of topics. Question for Saagar - as a conservative/Republican, do you think if China/the CCP went for an invasion (or hostile takeover) of Taiwan (while the US is having internal turmoil and division) that Biden would act resolutely to defend Taiwan? Do you think Republicans would unite behind a Democrat government to act decisively?

Weinstein episode got me hooked!

I don’t know much about either of you guys, but I’m digging your takes and the Weinstein episode sent me down a rabbit hole. Love that you challenge the ideas of your super-smart guests and curate even richer dialogue. Keep it up.

Meaningful Topics and Conversations

I really enjoy this podcast and I hope to see this model of divergent views entering into meaningful and respectful conversation (like Sagaar and Krystal on Rising) gain more momentum! Sagaar and Marshal do a great job of hosting and the guests and topics are generally very interesting. Keep up the good work gents!!! Question: Have you considered having Matthew Mcconaughey on your show? I’ve heard him on several podcast now talking about his book Greenlights and addressing the need for more honest conversations in politics and expressing interest in running. I think that could make for a fascinating episode!

Who/what is a millennial conservative???

Hi Marshal & Saagar, love the podcast and you take on current events. I’m a urban millennial liberal, I get all my news from YouTube and podcast and avoid corporate media best I can. The two of you are the only conservatives I find reasonable and I find myself agreeing with you on a lot of things. I have a pretty good idea (I think) of what you are not: not a Trump or Bush conservative and not a tea party libertarian. So what does it mean, to you, to be conservative? What are your conservative ideals? What policies do you/would you champion? If you had a magic wand what would you change about our government/country to make it a better place?

Excellent Podcast with weekly relevant content.

This podcast has become a staple in my weekly pod queue. Always relevant and insightful commentary. I’m not a conservative/Republican but as an Independent I find this content to have value for anyone regardless of party affiliation or ideology. Question: Can you touch on the concept that “foreign policy is domestic policy” and can you discuss potential trajectories of US Foreign Policy under the Biden Administration specifically our posture towards China and the Middle East. -Joey B

Excellent podcast

On a recent episode Erik Torenberg briefly mentioned a passage from Patrick Deneen’s insightful book Why Liberalism Failed while addressing the concepts of community and citizenship. After reading the book last year, I’ve observed that many of the issues examined in his book are frequently discussed on your show. Would you consider inviting him to the podcast to discuss these ideas? Keep up the great work!

America’s Identity

Hey guys, I lean center left. I really enjoy this podcast and the hill because of your premise that while Americans seem truly divided, most of us want similar populist things. Lately, I’ve started to doubt if this is actually true. Given the inaccuracy of polls, the apparently strong influence culture had in the last election and the ability of flat out lies to mobilize citizens to literally attack fundamental parts of our democracy, what REAL EVIDENCE is there that this premise is more than just wishful thinking? Can ballot initiatives like rank choice and open primaries still save us or is our government in a death spiral similar to the one predicted for climate change? Thanks, Chris


smart guys👍 i listen knowing I can trust them with my attention and time. the takes are hot but the hosts are hotter. keep it up fellas, love u kiss kiss<3

Makes me think

Love the podcast for its striving to engage in thoughtful discussions. In this world where I don’t know which sources to trust, this is one of the places where I turn to as I gather information. Appreciate the tone and demeanor of the hosts as well. Q: which era in our country’s history is the present time similar to? (Comes from the school of thought that “nothing is new under the sun.)

Great show

Between this podcast and Rising, I’ve found a great alternative media ecosystem with voices from across the “spectrum”. As a former Republican who until last year could probably be considered a “never Trumper”, this podcast has really given me a new lens through which to view conservative discourse and political discourse in general.

Great Pod

Enjoy the show. Love the interviews with Galloway and Weinstein. We need more respectful discourse on agreements and disagreements. Keep battling partisanship and your audience will continue to grow. Q: What was your favorite movie during lockdown and why?

Great Interviews

Marshall and Saagar are genuine dudes asking good, fair questions. As a full-blown Libtard myself, I appreciate their perspective and fairness to left of center guests. Question if it bubbles up is a solicitation for advice. What’s the strategy to consume more content/read more books? I want to be a more informed citizen but there’s just so much to sift through. Thanks guys.

Good stuff!

(The Movement Has Begun.)

Conservative Healthcare?

What’s your conservative answer to bringing high quality affordable healthcare to all Americans? I’m blue collar & lean towards “universal” access solutions.

Great podcast!

I’ve been listening for a while and finally realized I hadn’t given a rating or review. Many great episodes from smart people who are honest brokers. I don’t necessarily agree all the time with Sager and Marshall or the guests, but at the very least you can see a fair discussion of the points. It’s smart, deep but also light enough that it doesn’t have the same angry edge many political shows seem to come with. The most recent Eric Weinstein episode hit me particularly hard, and I’m recommending it to all my friends and family who are confused about these violent and scary times.

Journalism is being saved by people like Saagar and Marshall

Love this podcast, have been a huge fan of Saagar ever since watching rising and always loved to hear Marshall’s take when he would appear on the show, so this podcast was a dream come true. My question for you guys: I have my Bachelors/Masters in Journalism, sometimes I’ll sit and edit the monologues of CNN/Fox or even my local news channel and seize up with anger because had they submitted that prose to my professors in college/grad school they would have gotten a big fat F. I regret studying journalism in my undergraduate/graduate programs, and have opted out of pursuing a career in it because I can’t get myself to work for these corporations who care more about their viewership than their reporting. (Not to mention there are NO jobs) What do you two think it will take to get the entertainment aspect out of reporting the news or are we doomed to this type of exploitative partisan based media system???


A fast moving & thoughtful perspective. As a proud member of the oft forgotten Gen X, I believe my generation has become the intercalary generation; the generation that harmonizes Boomers & Millennials. As such, I find the bounded set approach of Boomers to be stabilizing albeit with a tendency toward rigidity and the centered set approach of Millennials to be refreshingly explorative albeit with a tendency toward being equivocal. I believe this podcast provides important and intelligent commentary on today’s ‘mixed up muddle of a shook up world’ (credit The Kinks). Question: I increasingly believe that simultaneous extreme political bias and ubiquitous evolution of 21st Century mainstream / social media is literally & figuratively rewiring us (ie what we see, how we see it, etc). What’s your perspective on how (if at all) mainstream / social media can be reasonably checked/demonopolized/regulated, etc?

Excellent Content

Just wanted to share that I recently found this show and I truly enjoy it. It makes me think deeply about the world and USA. Both Saager and Marshall ask excellent questions and have a variety of guests on. Keep the content coming!

Love your show

I enjoyed the conversation with Eric. It kept me awake at four AM because it is so enlightening. I came into 2020 listening to all right wing conservative talk with a smattering of left-center. I now have a wide range of conversations that you are a part of. Thank you for helping open my 57 y/o mind.

Really, Why???

I was so excited saagar enjeti when I saw on Twitter you had a podcast, I truly value and appreciate your insight. It is a voice needed in this time and for all that will come. Then the bribe for a five star review... Disappointing that you would use a tactic that crappy games and Amazon third party sellers use to get five stars. At least the games give you in game currency for dishonest bribed for five star rating 🙄. Truly thought better of you. It is not the questions relevance or opportunity to convey an important counter/agreeable point that is of importance as expected with a genuine informative podcast. Earn your five star rating with your response.

Great podcast

I have a question. Given the events happening in Washington, I'm curious to know what you think the Republican Party is going to look like moving forward?. I actually don't buy the fact Trump faced severe political damage yesterday. Most people I talked to didn't find it even a big deal. My mother was laughing at the dude in the Viking hat - almost had an appearance of a prank. Goes without saying that the country is becoming more unhealthy. Seems like the media continues to make it worse, even with the coverage lots of folks HATE the double standard in media coverage of one set of protestors vs the other. Prescriptions, thoughts?

Great Listen

Hey Marshall and Saagar, Love the pod. I started listening after Saagar was on Rogan and very pleased that I did. My question is: Will you guys have an episode completely devoted to Biden’s Cabinet Picks? I would love to get your in-depth analysis on these picks. How are they going to structure policy?

Epstein and Maxwell

How come we haven’t seen the perp walk or any proof that Ghislane Maxwell is really in prison? Thank you for following this story Saagar! Ps why can’t the average person visit Antarctica?


Love the pod! I really enjoy listening to y’all give your opinions. You have great guests with interesting points of view. Can you please make a case for; wanting to get anything done in DC. It just seems like the things that are the easiest to do aren’t good for most everybody and the hardest stuff never gets out the gates. Please convince me why I would be better off not rooting for gridlock.

Love your show!

Great show, I always enjoy listening. Just a random question for you... I know you have said that a 3rd party could never work - is there anyway we could force the democrat and republican parties to combine (since they seem to work for the same people anyway) leaving room for a people’s party?

15 minimum wage and "forgotten" regions

I'm what the Brits call a Red Tory so am on board with the vast majority of your agenda. One area of dissonance, though, is your (seemingly) unqualified support for a national $15 min wage. I have my doubts: I'm in a region (interior CA) whose only remaining competitive economic advantage (only a slight exaggeration) against the coast is lower wages. From here, the proposal naturally seems like yet another policy designed with only the needs/interests of the urban population centers in mind that will have horrible unintended (or possibly intended) consequences for those of us out in the colonies. Is there really reason to think that the outcome of yet another top-down one-size-fits-all policy imposition designed to meet the needs/preferences of those in the power centers will have better results for the "forgotten" regions than other regulatory regimes (policies raising energy prices, environmental impositions, water "sharing" policies, unregulated immigration, subsidized infrastructure and tax breaks for powerful regions, etc.) have had?

Matt Stoller

In the interview with Matt Stoller there was much conversation around presidential power. My question is Why the focus presidential power? In a time of divided power why not focus on Congressional power and responsibility?