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Question about the nature of a Republic’s military

I am loving the podcast and am also a big fan of Rising. I grew up in a military family. I have never served, but several people in my immediate family have made careers in the different branches of our military. Additionally I grew up on Army posts and my entire childhood community is built around the Army. I have noticed a large percentage of the people I grew up with ,including my cousins, following in their parent’s footsteps and going into the military. I don’t know the stats, but I would wager the majority of military brats join the military in adulthood. I worry that the military community increasingly thinks of itself as distinct from the larger American nation. Additionally, I think that most Americans aren’t forced to bear the weight of wars overseas, and therefore don’t overly care if the United States continues fighting around the globe. For these reasons I believe that returning to a conscript military is of paramount importance to the long term survival of democracy. I am very curious if either of you have an opinion on the draft versus an all volunteer military? I worry that having a small like-minded percentage of our population be the only trained warriors is a recipe for disaster down the road. Keep doing what you’re doing, and thank you. -Ryan

Best Theme Song

I love the show. Saagar & Marshall are thoughtful and thought provoking. Their guests are engaging and the conversation is always enlightening. Love the show. Now.... you want hinted that it was not easy choosing the theme song that you use, which I love. So my question is how did you come to choose that song? Tell the story of how “Perezi” by Isaac Joel came to be the theme song for The Realignment.

Teddy Roosevelt’s Burner Account

Great podcast hosted by two of the most forward-thinking folks in all of politics. Question - Relating to the GameStonks situation, I can’t help but pick up on something Marshall said on the Emergency Pod, which is that there is a very not insignificant amount of very wealthy people who are fully backing this movement. It seems to me that the reason for this is in large part the fact that a full democratization of the stock market = more money for them. Given that a big reason why GameStop in particular blew up the way it did was because of the overlap between Redditors and gamers, it also doesn’t seem like a coincidence that many of the rich people cheering it on (Musk, Portnoy) are the social media savvy type who, in my mind, seem to be attempting to parlay their good graces on the internet into cashing in on a sort of “public approval stock” should democratization come from all this. Am I reading too much into this, and doesn’t it seem like just as bad of a system? How can we push for better regulation that doesn’t enable market manipulation for redditors OR hedge funds without seeming like hypocrites for pushing for it NOW? Sorry for the long question, love the podcast. -Teddy Roosevelt’s Burner Account (Pls actually read this name on air that’d be so dope)

Necessary and Enjoyable

Marshall and Saeger are fun to listen to, intelligent but relatable, unlike so many in the swamp. My question is why. WHY DO YOU ALWAYS USE THE WORD BOOMER? It’s literally only in your vocabulary that I hear it so frequently.

Critique of Free Market Economics

Love the show! Been listening for a while. I'd love to hear a series of episodes that debunk many of the economic claims of free market idealogues like Thomas Sowell, Ben Shaprio, etc. Or if you have any recommendations for books that do this well, I'd love to hear what you guys recommend! Keep up the good work, fellas!

The best there is!

Marshall and Saagar host the best political / cultural podcast out there and are sincere seekers of the truth and engage in honest conversations with a variety of guests from both sides of the aisle armed with thoughtful and challenging questions. Keep up the good work and hope to see your numbers grow.

Forward-thinking Guide to Politics

Love this show, really varied look at what’s going on in the political world without getting bogged down in the muck. Listener question: Hey Marshall and Saagar, who are figures you guys see as potentially inspiring leaders in politics at the moment and going forward? I’ve felt particularly frustrated over the past year because it seems like most of our leadership class are plutocrats, do-nothing panderers, or both. Personally, I’m a Ron Desantis fanboy mostly because I think he takes his own responsibility seriously and he hasn’t been afraid of bold policies. Keep up the good work!

Top shelf millennials

There’s no better source out there for interesting, whip-smart commentary from a millennial perspective. Each of these kiddos is a star thinker on his own. Their decision to share a stage here is brilliant. Dudes are both clearly used to being the smartest guy in the room. Instead of flaunting that, they combine to constantly challenge each other and their guests. They model intellectual leadership and gentlemanship for their age group, which shows wisdom beyond their years! This show has been my first go-to for a long time but I didn’t have a question. I will think of one.


Love the podcast, and have learned so much about politics since becoming a regular listener. Question: why is “filibusters” the hop topic now?? Can you give me a “Filibuster 101” and explain why we are talking about it?

Thoughtful and Balanced

Despite the fact that I do not share yalls politcs (marxist of sorts) I greatly appreciate the work you all do. I appreaciate it so much that created an apple id just so I could leave this review, and I am someone who onwed a Zune until they werent supported anymore. While we dont agree on economic solutions I do feel that you all are being honest about the problems the country faces. My question is this, when faced with news and developments that enrage you such as the lack of the government being able to do basic policy such as stimulus checks, what do you all do so that your anger doesnt led to destructive pathways? How does an ever increasingly angering population deal with these problems constructively?

Marijuana Legalization

My new favorite podcast - Marshall and Saager approach our political and social unraveling with nuance, tact and dare I say a healthy dose of optimism. Question — What are the prospects of marijuana legalization or decriminalization in the next 4 years? I’m guessing it would need 60 votes in the Senate but given recent ballot initiatives passing overwhelmingly in red and blue states, is it possible? Could it be done/will it be done via executive order?

Seeking a constructive way forward

These guys are big fans of Michael Lind, an intellectual heir of Christopher Lasch, who was prescient about the cultural and political unraveling we’ve seen over the past few decades. The show features guests who offer reasoned critiques of the current political and social order, while providing ideas for constructive ways forward. Idea for a show: Lind and Patrick Deneen discussing the intellectual legacy of Christopher Lasch.

Reigniting hope

Thank you both for doing what you do! I never miss a Rising episode, and recently got into this podcast to get even more honest, intellectual and balanced political insights. The fact that you champion bipartisan discussion is huge, and gives me hope for our finding common ground in solving problems of today and our future. Don’t stop!

Mayor Pete and Cancel Culture

Love you guys and have so much respect for you but the last episode with the Mayor Pete campaign supporter/funder buried the lede for me. Mayor Pete’s people started the Trump Accountability Project, as in “let’s cancel the Trump people and make sure they cannot earn a living.” This is not what you guys stand for. Why not ask them the hard question? Maybe talk to some Trump people exiting the administration about where they were coming from? Or about what it feels like to be canceled for your political beliefs? They are the people we should be here for right now! I know you guys can do this.

JRE Listner

51 year old white guy, aka the problem with America. Really enjoy the show. Eric W interview was fantastic.

Confused about today’s politics?

This is a great podcast that discusses how political parties seem to be altering, how modern politics impacts your life, and what you may be interested in. I find both hosts to be very moderate conservatives that aren’t afraid to point out foolish things on the right at the same pace as questioning actions on the left. Give the podcast following the election a shot then give the Eric Weinstein podcast a whirl.

An Antidote to Political Chaos (Question Included)

This podcast is a lifesaver for Americans who feel lost outside of the two party system. They not only have fresh opinions on current debacles, they bring guests on with the intended purpose of actually bringing some change. Everyone who wants to be involved in US politics should listen. Question: I'm a practicing Muslim with leftist economic/foreign policy views and right-leaning social views. I am concerned with the threat of Islamism and terrorism, particularly the increase in jihadist attacks in Europe in recent years. How do you think the United States can better fight terrorism without continuing the disastrous war on terror?

Red Pill

Best Political/Cultural podcast out there!! Question: Do you guys see the MAGA movement and Populism as the same thing. Or are their differences and what may those differences be?


Smart discussion. Thank you

I enjoy getting the other side from this podcast

It’s interesting to get the views of republicans who are well spoken and not 70 years old. They always have interesting guests on and clearly take their research seriously, being well read in for their interviews. Roy

Great Show

Thanks for the amazing show. Great guests. Hosts that have intelligent, yet relatable takes on politics, society, and more. I’m looking forward to more historical topics in 2021. My question is mainly for Marshall - I live and work in the Portland Metro area. I’m not a native, but fell in love with the state while attending Oregon State University, GO BEAVS, and moved to Portland after graduating college in 2014. My family have visited often and have fallen in love with the city and all it has to offer, I have no family or relatives here. I’ve been asked many times in 2020 in the wake of the George Floyd tragedy and other subsequent social issues about “what it’s like in Portland?” It’s hard for me to contrast the social aspects of the openness of culture and diversity that is the city and a lot of Oregon with “Proud Boys” and Far Right activism that lives strongly here. I’m an ethnic minority myself and business owner who wants law and order but I understand that racism exists in all institutions, including law enforcement. Can you help me explain this situation and answer this question? Thanks for all that you both do. Saagar, my older brother is a GWU grad as well. Go Colonials...?

Great stuff.

The Eric Weinstein interview was the beat thing I have heard politically in a long time. There is hope.

2024 question

Thanks for the weekly shows that are getting me through a cold, boring January in NYC. My question is- looking at whatever 2024 may be, is there any chance for Tulsi Gabbard to switch parties and have a realistic shot at being the GOP candidate vs Kamala? I guess I imagine her being able to run a similar campaign to Trump 2016 in terms of being against the Washington status quo and ending endless wars abroad, as well as being for curbing the power and influence of big tech, which feels like its the next big issue to at least on the GOP side of things. Along with all of that, I just imagine her being able to neutralize some of the insufferable identity politics the Dems will push with Kamala, as well as having a bit of an outsider energy that people like Romney or Nikki Haley simply won’t have. Anyway, thanks again for all you guys do, and thanks for exposing me to Eric Weinstein’s “kayfabe” theory!

Not your Grandma’s Podcast

Although Saagar pleaded for this five-star, it had no influence on my decision to yield it. For God’s sake, as a pre-Trump Republican born in the mid-90s, we need more of this dialog and less of MSNBC and Fox. Truthfully, I only came to hear more from Eric Weinstein, but will certainly be staying for the refreshing LACK of partisanship, fantastic guests, and unwavering reasonability of Saagar and Marshall to skeptically address the vital issues that far to often ignored by our nation. Cheers! Question: I am a single-issue voter, and the narratives surrounding China’s trade policy, unfettered internment of the Uighurs, and the obvious escalation of cyber/conventional warfare tactics globally impacted my decision to vote for Trump the most. Despite the eerie silence from Biden regarding his plans for China, do either of you believe his administration will truly do anything aside from the tepid appeasement seen during the Obama years?

Sagaar and Marshall are everything we need

Well read and curious with a sense of humor while patriotic tinged with a healthy dose of realism ... the hosts of the show encourage and inspire people - but young people in particular - on both the Left and Right to go outside themselves and participate in critical thinking. The guests are amazing and the content is new and engaging

My go-to podcast for solid tech and politics analysis

I’m a big fan and loyal listener of Marshall and Saagar; thoughtful, genuine, and honest analysis. Highly recommend subscribing 😌

Question for the pod

Just watched Krystal and Kyle interview Thomas Frank. What are your thoughts on him as a thinker, in particular, his portrayal of (consistent) populism as an intrinsically left wing phenomenon?

The podcast for those who consider themselves always a student

My father has said to me many a time to find the voices that make you think and listen to them for as long as they are speaking. Amongst the cacophony of podcasts available to us all, the small few worth listening to sound differently and are set apart from the typical hum-drum of their competitors. The very first thing that draws a listener of the Realignment in is the act of listening by the hosts. For there are far too many podcasts out there in which are made for the hosts point of view to be heard through the veneer of an interview. This is not the case with the Realignment, Marshall and Saagar listen intently to their guests, let them say their bit without a ‘gotcha’ response locked-and-loaded in the chamber, and when they do respond it is with a smart follow up question. This allows the listener to sit back and trust that the questions they may have while listening will be addressed in the minutes to come. These two are some of the voices and thinkers in which our time desperately needs to producer more of and support in their endeavor. They truly are stewards of a blossoming millennial intellectual community and they are just getting started. To harken to what Dr. Weinstein said, their time is coming and when it arrive I shall be listening. My question to you both: We live in a time where history is being put into 5 minute segments, literally and figuratively, and doesn’t get the time it deserves to be able to tie in where we came from to how we got here. This is particularly true with our political parties; some may think there have always been just Pubs and Dems throughout our history rather than the many American political parties that have come and gone. (Two of my personal favorites are the Bull Moose Party and the Non-Partisan League). Are you two thinking, or perhaps I hope this seeds the thought, of having on a political historian on to connect the dots of American political parties throughout our history? As to ask 1 more question, one that is not a cloaked recommendation. If there is a phoenix effect (new life rising from the ashes) happening within the Dems and Pubs, do you believe that the Republicans are off to a head start in a post-Trump era and thus could work to their benefit to reimagine theirselves for the decades to come? Furthermore, do you see a deterioration of the Democratic party to come as the progressive wing becomes more integrated with the party and the old guard members start to exit? Which party do you believe has the advantage to, for lack of a better word, ‘rebrand’ itself for the better in the next couple of decades? Best to both and thank you for the pod

Have him back!

I think having George Wills and JD Vance back after much of what was discussed back would be very insightful. Still haven't had the chance to listen to all your other podcasts as I just stumbled across you- but it would be fascinating to hear how their outlooks and opinions have changed since these were recorded.

Great Podcast!

There aren’t many better podcasts you could be listening to right now.