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Great podcast

Fantastic podcast!

Trump Insider

Saagar, you seem to have had the inside track on Trump, given you’ve interviewed him four times. Can you give us a full disclosure of your thoughts on who he is, having spent time with him personally. Not just his mannerisms but the deeply felt sense of him as a person- insofar as you could tell. -Charlie T.

Great listen

What we need to amplify in the 21st century.

The Realignment

Dope show. Funny, insightful, and always challenging. Look forward to each new episode.

It seems important?

How much does it really matter what we the people want? It feels that our political system is so far out of touch. This is especially scary with huge looming changes in how we produce and work on this country. Can it really be changed and really be for the people?

Reasonable guests

Saagar and Marshsal seem to be able to get guestts that have differing, but reasonable points of view. They also are good hosts by not interrupting too much while keeping the conversation useful and on track.

Electoral reform question

Question: can you envision a scenario where modest electoral college reform received bipartisan support, something along the lines of every state adopting the Maine / Nebraska method of awarding electors? No more winner take all states, no more disenfranchising voters of opposition parties (i.e. California Republicans or Oklahoma Democrats), more direct input on your presidential vote, and (in theory) a need for presidents to more actively campaign across the country. Love the show and look forward to encountering new ideas and solutions for our current trials as a nation. Keep up the great work!

American Truth in a Post Truth Era

This is the best podcast ever to be co-hosted by an Oregonian. This podcast is two very intelligent and knowledgeable people interviewing other intelligent and knowledgeable people about the state of affairs in the United States. They are great at breaking down our past, the current state of things, but more importantly they make thoughtful prognostications (with the help of their guests) about where things are headed, which takes me to my question: What would it take for the United States to eradicate poverty? Could we millennials make it happen in our lifetimes? Should it even be an objective of our generation, or should we leave it be? Keep sharing truth. Nathan Corliss Portland, Oregon

One of my favorite podcasts!

This is a great podcast, that looks at issues from all sides without a agenda. Would highly recommend this podcast.

Thanks and Question

Great podcast, guys! Thoughtful discussion with knowledgeable guests. What role can Gen X play in the future of leadership in the parties and government?

Informative Show!

I never considered myself as someone who is interested in politics but this show keeps me coming back every week!

5 star question

thanks for creating such a thoughtful and inquisitive space! I just graduated from an elite liberal institution, and have slowly been exposing myself to alternative viewpoints, centering my own growth over any ideology or party line. I’m interested in both of your personal developments as political thinkers, especially in your early 20s. How did you balance self-education (reading books, etc.) with life experience? What were some of your personal political realignments and shifts in thinking that led you to inhabit your current positions?

Comment + Question

Conservatives need to pushback on UBI, it’s truly the most dystopian idea of them all. This would effectively entrench our current feudalistic system by the Boomers to pay for their retirement. Printing money & sending checks forever is completely inhumane, it doesn’t do anything to create value in the world. People need purpose in life & it would be great to see you both pushback on people like Kevin Roose or Andrew Yang who offer these simplistic political solutions that really just paper over the problem rather than solve it. Wouldnt a better approach be for Conservatives to offer the alternatives which seek to at least modestly level the playing field? For instance, in Singapore, their tax structure exempts paying taxes under $300k in profit, so it’s a massive boost for small businesses. Wouldn’t this plus a corporate tax structure that incentivizes large firms to retrain people in house, which they could benefit from for a new initiative, be the better approach? For example, tax corporations making over (x) amount of net profit based on their Earnings per Employee, this way no matter how much technology disrupts individual workers, it’s in their interest to retrain & retain quality employees rather than kick them to the curb.


Love the show. Since conservatives have no answer to the left’s control of big tech, should the Republicans push for a GDPR styled data privacy law to weaken the tech companies? Or at least as some kind of cynical revenge tactic?

Love the podcast

Not everyone who loves your podcast (and Rising) is under 40 years old. I really appreciate both. Keep being honest, inquisitive, and concerned about working class Americans and about the future of this country.

These guys get it!

Both Saagar and Marshal have deep insights into the way Washington works and they present honest conversations about our political environment. We need more people in our media sphere like them and I hope more people get onboard with their way of thinking about the world.

5 Star Question

Do you think the survival of the Republican Party hinges on being able to separate itself from Trump? It appears he is causing a lot of decent in the party. It also appears the longer he is associated with the Republican Party, the more ammunition the Democrats have to use against the Republicans. Thanks for everything you guys do. I love the podcast!

On point like literally nothing else at present.

They are voices in the wilderness. This is meat, not a side order.

First time reviewer, long time listener

Love the podcast, as someone who leans center-left its refreshing to get information that isn’t dumbed down by MSM and fed through a hyper partisan lens. As an Asian-American, I wonder if you think race relations for asian Americans under the Biden administration have gotten better or worse? Biden has mostly governed by being an antithesis to Trump, aside from foreign policy, his executive orders at home aim at undoing anything the Trump administration accomplished. Including his executive order to outlaw the term “chinese virus”. This compared to how the last POTUS tweeted “Kung-Flu” in the early days of the pandemic leading to news outlets and companies expressing their “solidarity with the asian community” to combat Trump’s “evil rhetoric”. As someone who spends a little too much time on social media, I can honestly say things have gotten worse with Biden in office. As Americans we are inherently opposed to do what we’re told. We scream when we’re told to be quiet, run when we’re told not to move. Telling people they can’t say something to express their frustration at what they wrongly believe to be the source or cause for the virus takes away another outlet for their anger, leading to ongoing situation we have today. Yesterday on 2/26 in NYC a 36 year old asian man was stabbed in the back because the suspect “didnt like how he was looking at him.” Theres a new “knockout game” circulating twitter where you “fight coronavirus” by seeing who can knock out the most asian people. Our elderly that normally keep to themselves are being targeted, robbed, and beaten to death in parts of California and New York City. I guess my question to Saagar and Marshall are do you see things getting worse under Biden and will it affect the midterms in regards to the asian voting block?

Great podcast for learning about real policy views!

This is the first review I have ever left for any podcast and I am leaving it because not enough people in my age bracket actually understand how policy and politics works and I hope that this podcast can help them on that path. Question: I am a young graduate student and I study Advanced Manufacturing. I am very concerned about the direction of US policy around China. How can someone truly affect change and help alter the trajectory of policy in politics today considering the polarization and corruption?

Great podcast!

Love the podcast. I’ve been a Riser since the summer of 2019 when the primaries started and have been tuning in daily since. Just started listening to the Realignment on my commute to and from the Naval Academy not far from DC. In that vain I’m wondering how important the military and foreign policy will be to voters over the coming years. It’s common to hear people claim that voters don’t care about foreign policy—is that true? I was very young when the Iraq War was a hot topic so I don’t remember how much of a factor that was in 2004 and 2008. Especially for presidential races, war and foreign policy should matter a lot since the POTUS has so much unilateral power in that realm. ISIS and Libya were raised in 2016 but I don’t remember it being a big deal to most voters or even pundits. Do we just have too much going on domestically (even pre-covid) with healthcare, wages, and social division for the greater population to be concerned with what’s happening thousands of miles away?


It’s a really smart podcast for right now

Awesome guests with interesting hosts!

Really enjoy each episode and find that even when I don’t agree, I respect all the discourse in the discussion. Any fictional literature that you have found to be influential in the way you think about the world?

Weston wamp episode

I’m giving this review a 5 star review even though I want to give it a 1, because I like the show. This episode was great up until deficit talk. This guys claims he’s “no austerity hawk” when he literally has an organization about national debt. I appreciate saagars push back but I’m sorry this was not a “good faith” take by Weston. He claims that mmters think the debt has no limits when in fact it’s clearly stated that there is a real production and inflation limit to deficit spending. I am still searching for a good faith argument about the debt concern, being on the right myself, but this guy ain’t it.

One of the top political casts

Incredibly insightful review of political topics. A clear , nuanced look at the issues with a goal of letting speakers voice their views in an uninterrupted manner, with insightful pushback. Wish I could find a similar one ( perhaps with krystal?) On the left side.

Realigning the Politically Homeless (1sttimelongtime)

First review ever. I felt compelled to leave a review upon learning it will help others find the show. Young and Brown conservatives bringing nuance and intellectualism back to the right. Refreshing. Insightful, prescient, and always relevant. Question: Are you willing to share any Lincoln Network/Project mix up anecdotes? Has it ever presented a genuine issue? Or just annoying/confusing? At what point does the “market confusion” begin to truly impede our Realignment? Thanks! I’ll hang up and listen!

For the people

Which one of you would be most likely to run for office someday and if so what position would that be? Marshall and Saagar 2024? Or Saagar and Marshall 2024? 🤔

Great Podcast to Get You Thinking!

I don’t agree with Marshall and Saagar and everything, but they ask smart questions and it helps me think about specific policies and how that falls within my political identity. Question: What areas of policy do you think should be exclusively federal? What areas should belong exclusively to the states? It seems like a strong national COVID response would have saved a lot of lives.

Question From Chauncey

Why has the culture war heated up so much to the point where it seems to be driving these two huge political movements? Simply Trump’s election? Social media? Changing geography of where Americans live?

One of my favorite podcasts

Excellent discussion of current political & social affairs! Great, informed guests with articulate, savvy hosts.