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Love the show gentlemen. Question for Saagar. What’s your beef with teachers unions? I’ve heard you mention them negatively a couple of times recently. I’m an active member of my teachers union and while I do think they have their flaws (particularly with the recent embrace of culture wars) I do think they are overall a force for good in education. While we do fight for wages and benefits for our members, most recently the battles have been mostly for increased resources, smaller class sizes, less testing, etc. In my view, the major issue with teachers unions in the past was tenure, but most states have significantly reformed their tenure systems in recent years. I ask because I believe that you would have a thoughtful and nuanced view from the other side of this issue. Thank you again for a great show

Remarkable in Every Way!

LOVE the intersection of tech, politics, culture, economics, religion and more that Saagar and Marshall bring to the table in their conversations with guests. It’s organized, distilled, thorough, and RISEs (see what I did there, Saagar?) above the partisan fray of traditional media. Two questions: 1) Saagar — how do I become your friend? 2) Marshall - what’s your strangest memory or experience with Saagar?

New listener and really enjoying

Which “glorious loser” - someone who never became president but perhaps tried and failed - do you think could have been truly great? What kept them from winning - was it the times or something in the person? Great podcast!

The Dangers of Oversimplification

Big fan of the show! I have never been very interested in politics, mainly because the media covers it in such an abrasive manner, but you both handle important political dialogues in a nuanced and humane manner. While I don’t agree with all of your guests, I love that this is a place that I can come for such wide-ranging opinions on a variety of topics. Question: As a college-aged millennial who ditched social media several years ago, I am always frustrated by how Twitter and Facebook oversimplify extremely dense and multifaceted issues for my friends and family. For example, I read quite a bit of critical race theory while in grad school and can easily say that some works of CRT are really bad and some works are really persuasive and well-researched. Yet, it seems that everyone I know either trashes on the entire field of CRT or unquestioningly praises all works of CRT, no matter how poorly constructed, in order to throw more fuel on the culture war flames. What are some very complex issues that you feel have been overly-simplified by social media or the larger cultural war dialogue? Do either of you think we can escape this vortex of oversimplification, or are we doomed to continue minimizing the details and nuances of major issues?


Marshall and Saagar, I’m a high schooler with a real interest in the populist right movement and politics/economics as a whole. I love your show and it really changed my perspective on workers’ issues as a conservative. Question: I agree with your contention that most deficit hawk rhetoric is bad faith and only emerges as a lazy criticism of over due and popular policies. Having said that, do you guys view the deficit as a real threat? If not why and if so what is your approach to combatting it without compromising the needs of the working and middle classes? Also do you have any advice on how to get involved with the conservative populist movement as a young person? Thank you guys, love the show. Patrick from NJ

5 ⭐️ Review ?

What goes into the perfect candidate for President? In other words, what characteristics do you want in our elected officials? Big fan of the show guys, found you through Sagaar on Rogan then this through Rising. Shows you the power that man has. Keep up the good work my dudes 🤙🏼

Politics 101

Hey guys! Love the podcasts and everything you guys are doing! I feel like there is an entire generation of people who have recently taken notice of politics since the Trump took office in 2016. That being said, the four years of the Trump administration doesn’t seem like ideal time to begin learning the basics of politics and US government. What advice would you give this generation in reference to learning the basics of politics and US government to ensure intellectual development of political ideologies? (Books, YouTube channels, podcasts, etc.)

Fantastic Podcast

Really enjoy listening to this podcast. Tons of interesting information here. You asked for a different question, here it is. With the uptick of UFO/UAP news and if there was a move towards a potential disclosure on the topic by world governments… How do you imagine something like this effects local, national and global economies and governments? How do you both envision this plays out?

Culture v Politics

Gents, Absolutely love the show, you both are great young minds who think about things in very interesting ways. Question for the show: I’ve heard the saying before, most recently from Saagar that ‘politics is downstream of culture’. I’d love a show focused around this. I am not of fan of politicians trying to change culture or wage a battle in the culture war. But I also am not sure why I think this or if it’s the right thought process. Should politics be downstream of culture? Is that just the nature of things? What is the right way for government to interact with culture? How do other countries do it? What does history show us? How does modern technology affect this? Love the show, keep up all the great work. Steve R

Interesting show

Anything with Saagar’s name on it is 5 stars! Great content!


Love the show and multitude of topics discussed. My question is about the potential for new collective bargaining organizations in the private sector. Is there any chance for a resurgence of unions or Oren Class’s idea in Once and future worker of letting a thousand organizations bloom allowing the creation of co-ops or alternative means of bargaining. Thanks love the podcast!


What unpopular political conspiracy do you believe to be true?


Hey guys, love the show. You have a lot of folks from media, tech, business, and politics; but I feel as though a major source of power is missed (by yourselves, and many others) in the lack of interviews with those in the national defense field (I am thinking a Patraeus, McRaven, McCrystal, etc.) One thing I wonder is, with all the talk about competition with China; the US still retains an asymmetrically more powerful military, how do you think the US wields this advantage in competition with China going into the future? Obviously the pit falls are severe, but it’s naive to think the US won’t press this advantage while it exists, both conventional and unconventional (Nice empire you are building there China, now go defend it).


You guys talk about clubhouse a lot. At face value it seems like the invite only system is a good way to keep out trolls and other bad actors. In practice it feels like a digital country club for tech bros and the journalistic class designed specifically to keep normies out because no one they know has an account or the associated invites. What’s your best argument that this isn’t what’s happening?

Great show

Always interesting guests/discussions. Really makes you challenge your own assumptions.

Questions for the fellas...

Love your show guys, truly prescient stuff that is guiding me through the insanity and giving me hope for the future as 24 yr old be open minded about the whole bushel of political issues and trying to go from first principles. My question is: with the Democratic Party alienating many young people with its overt radicalism, while the republicans party is staid and kind of a billionaires boys club without trump, what does a young, practical, innovative republican platform look like for you two? Thanks & keep on truckin 🤟🏼

Great podcast that may challenge your priors.

Really enjoy the show and the unique perspective that doesn’t fit neatly into a tribal box. A question: Two issues of decreasing birth rates/delayed household formation and the decline of community in modern life receive a lot of attention individually, but to what degree do you believe these issues are linked? My wife and I are both from the very tail end of Gen X (born in 78’ & 79’) and are outliers in that we had our first child right out of college. We now have 3 kids ranging in ages from 19 to 13. Kids are the on-ramp to being involved and engaged in a local community. We started attending church regularly after we had kids, we got involved in their schools, I coached their sports teams, etc. Spending my late 20’s & 30’s focused on my kids provided a sense of purpose and fulfillment anchored in institutions and activities locally. 31 and coaching a little league team means you’re thinking more about the quality and availability of local parks than anything going on in DC. Are kids the key to community?

Encampment question for Clubhouse

Thanks for the great podcast - I came here off the Lex Fridman pod. I’m hoping the two of you can discuss the phenomenon of homeless encampments in major West Coast cities on your Clubhouse show. Like many other trends, it’s accelerated through Covid and I’m curious to hear any thoughts on this multifaceted and seemingly durable societal problem. Thanks!

Stay informed with rationally minded host

Recently started listening and I’m really enjoying this podcast. Lots of rationale practical conversations with intelligent people. QUESTION: I’m from Illinois and gerrymandering is a big issue hear that’s help state representatives stay in power. Not sure if this conversation has been had before, but how can we realistically reverse that when the people in control, have all the motivation to not do anything about it?

Great podcast!

Thoughtful discussion with level minds. Really enjoy this podcast.

Saager :))

Saager is nice wit it. 5 stars

Thought provoking.

I could listen to Marshall and Saagar all day every day. This show is THE BAR for independent thought.

Great podcast

Fantastic podcast!

Trump Insider

Saagar, you seem to have had the inside track on Trump, given you’ve interviewed him four times. Can you give us a full disclosure of your thoughts on who he is, having spent time with him personally. Not just his mannerisms but the deeply felt sense of him as a person- insofar as you could tell. -Charlie T.

Great listen

What we need to amplify in the 21st century.

The Realignment

Dope show. Funny, insightful, and always challenging. Look forward to each new episode.

It seems important?

How much does it really matter what we the people want? It feels that our political system is so far out of touch. This is especially scary with huge looming changes in how we produce and work on this country. Can it really be changed and really be for the people?

Reasonable guests

Saagar and Marshsal seem to be able to get guestts that have differing, but reasonable points of view. They also are good hosts by not interrupting too much while keeping the conversation useful and on track.

Electoral reform question

Question: can you envision a scenario where modest electoral college reform received bipartisan support, something along the lines of every state adopting the Maine / Nebraska method of awarding electors? No more winner take all states, no more disenfranchising voters of opposition parties (i.e. California Republicans or Oklahoma Democrats), more direct input on your presidential vote, and (in theory) a need for presidents to more actively campaign across the country. Love the show and look forward to encountering new ideas and solutions for our current trials as a nation. Keep up the great work!

American Truth in a Post Truth Era

This is the best podcast ever to be co-hosted by an Oregonian. This podcast is two very intelligent and knowledgeable people interviewing other intelligent and knowledgeable people about the state of affairs in the United States. They are great at breaking down our past, the current state of things, but more importantly they make thoughtful prognostications (with the help of their guests) about where things are headed, which takes me to my question: What would it take for the United States to eradicate poverty? Could we millennials make it happen in our lifetimes? Should it even be an objective of our generation, or should we leave it be? Keep sharing truth. Nathan Corliss Portland, Oregon