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Actually worth the 5 stars

Love the show, guys. Each episode is thoughtful, and thought provoking. Keep up the great work!

The Realignment Thesis

Marshall & Saagar may be the best podcast hosts you will find. I find myself consistently impressed at their ability to break guests out of their bubble & engage on deeper issues, steering the conversation to the broader thesis of the Realignment that is taking place under our noses. Marshall & Saagar have incredible insight into what the future holds and what direction this country is headed. We are entering into a time when people long not only for truth, but for voices they know aren’t trying to manipulate them. The Realignment and Rising break away from your regularly scheduled Kayfabe & give the viewer a much needed dose of reality. I am so excited to see where Saagar, Marshall, Krystal, and these end up going.

Much Love Ya’ll - And a Question!

I'm a big fan of The Realignment! My fav episodes have been ones where you bring on guests with different perspectives from yours on an issue. Would you consider bringing on a CR Theorist like Ian Haney Lopez to discuss your differing thoughts on CRT?

New Favorite Political Podcast

I love Marshall and Saagar, but the true strength of this pod comes from their incredible ability to find an endless stream of smart heterodox guests. I don’t always agree with what they say, but the best pods don’t bolster your worldview but challenge it. Listening always makes me reconsider issues and say to myself “I never thought about x that way.” Marshall and Saagar really understand politics and their guests each grasp issues in new and fascinating ways. I’ve suggested this to my family over quarantine(I’m sixteen) and each episode has been a launching point to greater conversation. Keep up the good work guys!

One of my top podcasts!

Longtime listener. Here’s my question: in regards to the recent talk about tech monopolies, isn’t monopoly the goal of business and capitalism? Peter Thiel has an excellent book called Zero to One where he proposes the idea that you should create niches for your business where you are able to dominate. Monopoly is the goal (i.e. The Reallignment is the top political podcast for libertarian, centrist-minded millennials). That said, should we punish companies that have fought hard to rise to the top? Aren’t they the winners of capitalism? They created better products, services, etc… Would love to hear your thoughts -Danno


Hey guys my name is Anthony DuPrau and I’m a huge fan of your show and a Riser. My question is if you could pick one president either dead or alive you could bring on your show who would it be?


Political fantasy draft: Every politician is now a free agent and it’s your job to draft into office your top 10 or 20. The catch is you must select an equal number of left/right, republican/Democrat for a 50/50 split. Bonus points if you choose a celebrity like Matthew McConaughey as one of your people. Love the podcast Love when Marshall shows up on rising Hate with a passion when Jennifer Holdsworth shows up. Hope you read this, keep up the good work!


Hey Guys, regular listener here although I am more left aligned politically. Love your show and find it to be a good faith attempt at presenting your side of the story. I wouldn’t have given Senator Hawley the time of day but I don’t resent you for doing it. I have some questions on this topic in particular but also on some of the other things you have covered in the past. 1. Senator Hawleys attempts to explain his positions against monopolies was extremely disingenuous in my book. One he has a poor understanding of who are the customers of their products. It’s the advertisers and they love FB, Twitter, google and Amazon because it allows them to micro-target audiences with the least money spent. These platforms have substantially reduced the barrier to entry for small business advertisers who would never be able to afford the reach that CBS or Fox would give them. And two if he was actually serious about it, he would extend it to all industries including Boeing, Northrop Grumman or Hallie Burton who actually have govt funded monopolies with huge barriers to entry. It’s easy to bootstrap a Twitter rival. It’s nigh impossible to build a startup airplane manufacturer. Why do you think nobody considers this more urgent? 2. Regarding the lab leak hypothesis of Covid-19, gain of function research gets talked about a lot. I see it in the same light as Project Manhattan. Even though the first use of nuclear fusion technology was a WMD, it did eventually lead to a nuclear power revolution. More importantly blaming project manhattan for Chernobyl isn’t a good strategy. The inability to implicate or punish China has more to do with the US removing itself from world organizations like UN than anything else. Why is WHO a Chinese puppet? Because it’s not a US puppet anymore. How do you reconcile your support for an isolationist foreign policy with the reality that when police retreat, the mafia takes over?

Entertaining, insightful and actionable! 🔥 🔥 🔥

I’m not sure it’s possible to overstate how impactful this podcast is. Not only to Marshall and Saagar string together one of the most thoughtfully curated list of relevant guests you can find if you’re interested in understanding the cultural moment we live in, they navigate each conversation with the kind of beginner’s mindset that makes anything remotely touching politics actually fun to engage with! Regardless of where you are in your journey of learning and understanding our social fabric (it’s highs, lows and everything in between) this show needs to be on the top of your playlist. Full stop. 🙌

Balanced Discourse and Thought-provoking Guests

The Realignment is built for curious people who are open to new perspectives and better thinking. The assortment of guests across the tech and political spectrum have helped me open up to ideas - both new ones and historical ones we should revisit.

The Standard for Republican News

Saagar and Marshal are some of the only Republican voices that are objective about facts today. They openly express their opinions as opinions, not facts, which is refreshing.

Best Poscast

I’ve been watching Saager on the Rising the last couple of years and recently started listening the podcast as well. He and Marshall are a great team and always an interesting listen.

Link to Explores

Marshall, on the most recent podcast you asked for suggestions for ways to link the Explorers Podcast with The Realignment. Here’s a thought: The book 1493 by Charles Mann speaks to the fact that Spanish exploration started the more modern globalization and the interdependence of the economies of China, Spanish America, and Europe, including monetary policies. There is a lot here that ties to today and modern globalization has deep roots with the Spanish explorers. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Tom @goletaslim

Always thought provoking, narrative challenging, and well informed.

Hi Marshall and Saagar, big fan of the podcast and the work you’re doing! My question for you is almost more of a question of advice. I am 27 years old, and just started an exciting new job as a project manager with a large fintech in the Midwest. We have been experiencing exponential growth over the last few years, and a lot of the growth is international, mostly in India, Europe, and China. I am concerned about the level of involvement that my new job is going to have with Chinese companies and the business practices that we have to follow to appease the CCP. We have to communicate with our counterparts via WeChat, which is something that makes me very uncomfortable. The fact that I am now part of a US based team that has to kowtow to this system goes against everything I believe. I guess my question would be - how do I balance my own beliefs, and my own concerns with this, without jeopardizing my career? I am not sinophobic towards the people of China, but I am starting to feel like I am part of a bigger problem with American corporate acceptance and compliance with the Chinese system in the chase of a dollar.

Always a great listen

Always a very informative and interesting show. The hosts will push the guests and get the most from the interviews. Learn something new every episode.

Bid is 25% above list price, Cash offers only.

Hi guys, big fan of the podcast, have been listening since early 2020. As a member of early Gen Z, I see how an impending housing crisis can severely effect those around my age who have just recently entered the workforce. My long term girlfriend and I have been saving up hoping to buy a house or townhome, but with the current market inventory in the southeastern US, I’ll say it isn’t looking to promising. What sort of policy measures have been proposed or suggested to try to keep the possibility of buying “The American Dream” open to young people, while creating punitive measures to discourage mass real estate purchases by large financial entities? And do you think that the Biden administration will keep an issue like this at the forefront?

Turning Points No One Mentions?

Hi Marshall and Saagar, Love the show. You guys have had some amazing guests recently and you seem to be making a bigger and bigger impact which is awesome. My question for you is about turning points in political history. Are there any moments you two think were really influential that most people either don’t remember or don’t mention? As an Econ geek I always think of the US leaving the Bretton Woods system as a critical policy decision and I only ever heard about it from ONE of my college professors (he was an economic anthropologist). What do you guys think? The more obscure the better. Thanks!

The Best Show for Rational Young Americans

Marshall and Saagar have fundamentally changed the way I look at a lot of topics and American politics in general. They do a great job of not forcing an ideology on you, but giving you the basis to which you can form your own opinion. You guys devote a lot of time to discussing foreign policy, tech, VC’s, etc. As an young professional and avid outdoorsman, I think it would be interesting to have a guest like Steven Rinella or Ryan Callaghan from MeatEater to discuss the confirmation of Deb Haaland and the issues of domestic policy on public lands, natural resources, etc. It would be a great blend of two of my favorite podcasts. Keep at it guys! Jake

Weston wamp episode

I’m giving this review a 5 star review even though I want to give it a 1, because I like the show. This episode was great up until deficit talk. This guys claims he’s “no austerity hawk” when he literally has an organization complaining about national debt. I appreciate saagars push back but I’m sorry this was not a “good faith” take by Weston. He claims that mmters think the debt has no limits when in fact it’s clearly stated that there is a real production and inflation limit to deficit spending. I am still searching for a good faith argument about the debt concern, being on the right myself, but this guy ain’t it. I certainly think there are potential flaws in MMT but have not heard good arguments yet.

Thoughtful, fair, & efficient

New to your podcast...I’m a fan already. Thank you for your in-depth, multi-faceted, strategic style of examining topics. I love that you are able to laugh and be fully present while simultaneously leaving emotions that would otherwise fog your perception out of the conversation. Keep it up! Great guests, too!

Love your show!

Keep it up!


Why do you believe so much the vaccines are safe? I recommend watching the Bret Weinstein interview with Geert Vanden Basche who even used to work at the Gates Foundation, & is raising serious fears about using these types of mRNA vaccines, which Weinstein agrees is a plausible. The fact that the same crowd of people who treat science as a religion hold you in contempt for, you know, raising some questions makes me far more skeptical to get the vaccine (FYI I’ve never been an anti-vaxxer but the shear level of propaganda & contradictions since Covid started has made more distrustful of the medical groupthink). Thanks

History class

My history of modern Latin America class covered Brazil a couple of weeks ago. I shared your episode with Glenn Greenwald with my class a couple of weeks ago, because Glenn reiterated many of the points Glenn spoke upon regarding Brazil. There were a couple points in the podcast that I’m sure my professor would disagree with, however, it’s important that we hear different view points. I love the podcast, thank you Saagar and Marshall!

Inspiring 4/20 episode

The episode with Dr. Sabet was fantastic, and it spurred me to think much more seriously about how marijuana has become more visible my life and what to do about it. After my state legalized the drug, it has become extremely common, now even among kids who I believe never would have used it if it was illegal. My question to you would be, how can a young person advocate caution and temperance on this issue without coming off as a complete narc?


All you hear these days is how decriminalization is the best policy solution. Those in favor often evoke the “justice” argument. I appreciate hearing the other side of this issue. Policy is about trade offs, so hearing an opposing view should help those listening better understand them for this issue. Well done!

Good show

Would love to hear a conversation with Prof Richard D. Wolff or David Harvey.

Love this podcast!

Its very refreshing to hear open discussion on sensitive and critical topics without all the politicization we see in MSM. 100% agree with Dr. Sabet. Just because something is a tradition or normalized, doesn’t make it good.

Love the show, y’all are great

So, y’all often talk about here and on Rising about “Washington Brain” and how politicians often get into power and lose touch with their voters and don’t understand what they actually think. Unfortunately, here in my home, a Dallas suburb, we are having a small version of that issue. For example the city council isn’t listening to the people and basically bully each other when new members are elected to vote how they want rather than how the voters overwhelmingly want them to. Outside of voting them out, which isn’t working, what do we do to change our local politics and break up some of this mini Washington brain mentality? Everyone is constantly furious but nothing changes. Thank y’all, Diana Boss PS Saagar thank you soooo much for your thank you video for the 2020 book, my toddler was over the moon that you finally said “hi” back to him. 😊

Alcohol Regulation / Tied House Laws/ Question

Hey Marshall and Saagar, You two are killing it with this podcast. Thank you for taking the time to dissect the nuances and framework of each guest’s argument without allowing to become a bilateral left/right cage match. It truly is a breath of fresh air compared to the mainstream media. Really great discussion with Dr. Kevin Sabet on Marijuana and the future of the industry. I noticed Saager brought up the various states and how some of them have ABC stores for selling liquor and some do not. It’s a great observation, you didn’t get a succinct answer from the doctor, and I think it needs a though explanation and even a podcast. I wanted to recommend a book for you both which has quintessentially laid the framework for each states laws on the segregation of the manufacturing sector and wholesale sectors from the retail sector, otherwise known as tied house laws. The book is called “Toward Liquor Control” by Raymond B. Fosdick and Albert Scott, and commissioned by John D. Rockefeller to study and prepare America for the return to legal alcohol and regulation with the eventual passage of the 21st Amendment. I think this will help you both in understanding how each of our 50 states have fashioned their own laws to balance the interests of the alcohol industry and our own personal vices with the virtues of public safety and health, along with some sound economic theory on why eliminating vertical integration, as suggested in the book, in an industry of controlled-substances like alcohol has actually given rise to the growth of the modern craft beer and craft distilling movements, spawning more jobs and creating competition in the marketplace. This book is constantly used and cited by regulatory experts and the foundational treatise of modern alcohol policy in the post-prohibition era. I respectfully disagree with the Doctor that the task to legalize and properly regulate Marijuana is not politically or practically feasible. I think with great advocates who know what they are doing, and these people actually exist, this task can be achieved to spawn a new era in proper Marijuana regulation using a variant of the tied house model approach, which creates built in checks and balances within the industry, and legal mechanisms to address public safety concerns. Also, if you want a good date to launch a podcast to have that discussion like you did with 4/20, do December 5th, the date Prohibition ended. I hope my brief synopsis has made this topic sound sexy enough to do a deep dive. I also had a totally unrelated question: I want to buy a house so bad, but I don’t know if I can trust big tech sites like Zillow and Redfin to give me clear answers on housing prices and purchasing strategies. Are these sites really a “great utility” for the average homebuyer or are they simply an online mechanism for driving up prices? What is their business model and who do these sites really serve? Thanks guys!

Good show

5 stars, I hope the hosts will watch Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister. It’s an old bbc show but I’m confident that they would love it.