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An good effort to tackle rapid changes in partisan coalitions and public policy.

Good Conservatives

Excellent view of actual conservatism, not Republican propaganda funded by billionaires

poo poo

pee pee

Great podcast

Great podcast with lots of interesting discussion and different viewpoints.

Best Podcast on the Right

Great Podcast. One of the best covering the Conservative Nationalist realignment in the USA. The Oren Cass interview stands out.

Classical thought in a rethinking wrapper

This is the best pod cast for people looking to understand what happening, vs getting current sound bites.

Complexity done right

It’s so refreshing to hear thoughtful conversations about complex subjects!

Necessary and Enjoyable

Marshall and Saeger are fun to listen to, intelligent but relatable, unlike so many in the swamp.

Dennis Karpf

Excellent topics with excellent guests and experts. No softball questioning makes this a must listening for all interconnected domestic and international policy issues. Miss these podcasts at your own loss. Keep up the great work and research; Hudson recognizes that knowledge without wisdom is wasted.

Love the show

Rising always leaves me wanting more, and I’m so glad I found this as well. I’ve been a fan of the show and watching for awhile now and the last episode finally mentioned this podcast. Let more people know you guys are doing this too! Keep it up y’all!!

My new daily podcast

I love politics and Marshall, Saagar, and Krystal are my favorite hosts on the show. This podcast gives me exactly what I want to hear!

essential listening

This podcast has great interviews with the most thoughtful analysts of the realignment. I have purchased and read a number of books after hearing them discussed here. The hosts are very good listeners and ask thoughtful questions.

Paradigm shifts bring new voices

Saagar is giving us the terms and vocabulary to navigate the future. The future is here and this podcast is one of the only not broadcasting from underneath a sandbox. Forget the party fairy tales and neoliberal apologists, the problems in this country need to be addressed with clear, precise thinking.

Very good content 🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🏿

These podcasts are very important and much needed in today’s blizzard of ignorance. Eliana Johnson was fascinating!

Important Conversations

The Realignment offers thoughtful interviews with qualified leaders on timely and important issues. Each podcast is intellectually challenging and not afraid to dive into sensitive topics and include questions and perspectives that challenge current or conventional thinking.

Insightful interviews

Really varied but consistently insightful guests. I don’t agree with all of them, and that’s the point. Saagar and Marshall carefully dissect some of the important shifts happening on the right in an in-depth, intelligent way.

5 Stars

Highly recommend

Relaxed. Informative.

One of the few podcasts, where the hosts don’t make it about themselves/their opinions, providing interesting, informative conversations on topics which shape our society and the world.

Go listen to it

Fantastic, focused, interesting podcast that looks at the trinity of issues that are tectonically shifting our politics.

Super interesting

Marshall and Saager are taking a really interesting look at this political moment. Really enjoying their commentary.

Great Program

Think tanks can’t be sleeping on multimedia platforms and content accessible to laymen, this podcast is a breath of fresh air for Hudson


My partner Naomi introduced me to this while we were on our flight to Oahu and she could not have been more right. Best first episode of a podcast I have heard in years. Dead on in its analysis of this moment, and the next guests (George Will!) make for a great lineup. Unsubscribe from some other political pods to make time for this one while you meditate.


Rightly understood.

Breaks down the changing currents in American politics

Much has changed in American politics—on the right and left alike—since 2016. New alliances are being forged, old ideas are being cast out, and a small contingent of fresh thinkers are gaining notoriety. If you're curious why Republicans are partnering with FDR-era liberals to take on big tech, or why we're hearing so much about China, or why the old consensus on trade has been shattered, Marshall and Saagar are your guides.

What we need!

If you’re tired of 24 hour news, the constantly evolving news cycle, and rank punditry— this podcast is for you. Kosloff and Enjeti masterfully break down major issues in our society today seeking to inform rather than divide.