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A No BS View from the Right

I’m not a fan of “Party Politics”, but I still want to know what people are thinking. How else can you become informed? That being said, I really appreciate this podcast because of the hosts fairness in talking about all the issues facing the voting public. Their guests come from all parties and viewpoints, and you get a pretty wide variety of responses and ideas on how to deal with current problems we are all facing. This gives me hope that we can make our future better than our past. Thank you for what you are doing!

A podcast for those of us who want to change the GOP

I ran across this podcast by listening to a recent Joe Rogan episode featuring Saagar and Krystal. Podcasts, or really anything, focusing on realistic populism is hard to come by. This podcast offers diverse populist views, populist ideas that can be reasonably implemented, and a great rotation of guest. As a political candidate in 2018, this is helping me for 2022.

Best balance policy podcast

Like a more intelligent. Joe Rogan with no pot or mma

Tremendous Insight

There truly is a realignment happening with the US’s major political parties right now. This podcast lays that out with tremendous insight and is at the forefront of political analysis. Having been among the first to call it, I can’t wait to see where these two’s careers take them. Edit: since going independent, episode 2 was literally everything I didn’t know I needed. I’ve seen all this interplay happening and have been trying to navigate it in my head but Marshall and Saagar put it so succinctly that I can now explain what’s been frustrating me societally in a proper framework. Seriously forerunning analysis that the nerds will love. Keep it up! 👍🏽

Young guns doing a great job

Love how young folks are rocking this podcast.

Fantastic Insight

As someone with conservative, but heterodox views, this podcast is a breath of fresh air. An invaluable tool to find our way in this time of change.

A platform with the potential to reform conservative economics

The Realignment could very well become the catalyst for driving voters disillusioned with the Republican party’s free-market fundamentalism back to the right. Saagar and Marshall explore a new lane in which the GOP retains its social conservative roots while embracing populist economics - a possibility that’s becoming far more realistic with Trump’s rise to the presidency. Looking forward to great things from these two!

Yang Gang is a fan of this podcast.

Found out about this podcast from Rising on The Hill. Some of the discussions on The Realignment are insightful and breathe of fresh air to political discussion. Recommend this podcast to anyone open to hearing ideas of current dynamic partaking in American society.


We probably don’t agree on everything, but Saagar and Marshall sound like sane, honest interlocutors which is more than I can say for basically the rest of punditry.

Great Podcast!!!

The Realignment is a great podcast that tackles many important political themes surrounding the New Right. Give it a listen!

handsome demigods of podcasting

A collection of intriguing interviews of people that matter. Thank you for your hard work in producing a great product.

Fantastic Insight

Most of the time on cable news we never actually get to hear substantive discussions from politicians and other political actors. It’s all just the weekly talking points from either political party, and the discussion of horse race politics. As someone who wanted to actually hear POLICY, this podcast has been great. The latest interview with Senator Rubio had a lot of great insight into our ongoing relationship with China, as well as the overall future of the GOP that I enjoyed a ton.

The discourse we so desperately need...

More and more the MSM lets citizens down and podcast like this give listeners a refreshing, insightful look on topics effecting the US and the world. Appreciate you guys!

Agents of change

From watching #Rising I have come to appreciate the need for a working class uprising in this great country. Obviously Krystal and Saagar don’t agree on everything, there is much to be learned from listening to the respectful discourse. So here with Marshall, The Realignment is a great addition to the podcast world for ideas for change. Listen and open your mind!

Saagar Hates Weed

I don't, but if this makes the guy happy I'm honored to assist.

Review of realignment

I know Saagar and Marshall first from rising and although I don’t always agree with their viewpoints I enjoy their commentary as it fills the political landscape.

Intelligent and refreshing

I look forward to Marshall and Saagar’s next episode immediately after I finish listening to their latest show. Their guest are relevant to our daily changing world and their views are refreshing & spot on.

The future of Intellectual conversation

As political themed podcasts go, it cannot get better than this. Marshal and Saagar dive into the topics that really matter, without getting lost in partisan politics. Both Marshal and Saagar give me hope that the Right has a future in this country, if it gets its act together and works for the working class. Question, In a increasingly secular society, how does the Right bring in new voters without alluding to their socially conservative (religious) roots and not lose their socially conservative (religious) base. Also the Marco Rubio podcast was inspired, so good I had to listen to it twice, I wish he spoke like that all the time instead of playing the partisan play book and sticking to the establishment script.

Great podcast

If you’re a political junkie like me, you’ll love this podcast. I’m a huge fan of Saagar from his work on The Rising, and hearing his takes on things while not having to have YouTube open is great. It lets me listen to him while browsing twitter, working out, or just doing any other mundane task. Highly recommend!

Cogent and Riveting Political Discussion

Offers elucidating and intellectually enthralling content with a flair of good humor from the two bright co-hosts. This podcast is one of the few based in Washington D.C. to reject the staid status quo of establishment politics and instead offer high level analysis and discussion of the “realignment” ongoing across the political spectrum. The topics and dialogue of the show do not fit neatly into the conventional left-right dichotomy-refreshing for a policy centered podcast. Give a full five star recommendation 👍

Great Podcast

I’ve really enjoyed this podcast and glad for the diversity within the conservative movement. Keep up the great work.

No set narrative (thank goodness!)

Marshall and Saagar are seeking the truth. They aren’t just pushing a narrative that aligns with their brand. I’m really excited for the show’s relaunch. The Realignment goes way beyond politics and I’m excited to listen as Marshall and Saagar explore it.

Finally helped me clearly understand politics

I’m an electrical engineer full time and have no time to really look into politics. I find this podcast and Saagar’s YouTube, The Hill Rising, to finally be the way I can get a clear understanding of what’s going on.

Top Podcast

Great episodes with in-depth discussion on an eclectic variety of subjects—highly recommend

Great Podcast for All Views

Awesome podcast! Learned a lot even with Centrist-Left views!

Fantastic Podcast for Center-Left Views

This is a fantastic podcast for an objective view on events and politics in the US and the world. I have a left to center-left perspective and I really appreciate the work on this podcast. Thanks Marshall and Saagar!


Excellent podcast. They present ideas that are non typical and force you to think outside the box

Fantastic discussions

Great show guys! Keep it up! You’re doing great work.


Finally a nuanced and intellectual conservative podcast!

Right and reasonable

I lean left on many issues and I often find myself agreeing with their point of views.