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Incredible work from this team

A great source for well thought, nuanced discussions. Means a lot to see individuals like Marshall and Sagaar, as well as their guests, tackle issues the way they do.

Sober-minded, thoughtful discussion.

In an increasingly hysterical media atmosphere, it’s a relief to find respectful long-form discussions entirely devoid of shrill partisan invective. Marshall and Saagar engage with the issues facing contemporary America from a center-right perspective most interested in asking “how can we, as a country, fix this?” rather than participating in partisan bomb-throwing. Highly recommended!



Understanding what it means to be a conservative

I've been listening to The Realignment since the first episode fortuitously having heard about the podcast only days after its debut, when Sagaar appeared on The Federalist Radio Hour. With guests like J.D. Vance, George Will, and Josh Hawley, this podcast has helped me to better understand why I am a conservative, why conservative values are essential to preserving American prosperity and the great experiment of self government, and how conservatives can retain those values while creatively addressing emerging 21st century problems. At the same time, the show has introduced me to important liberal ideas, and stands as a model of how conservatives can respectfully but robustly defend their positions while earnestly seeking common ground. Their interview with Jacobin founder Bhaskar Sunkara is particiularly good, and one I recommend to conservative friends who complain about "socialism" without really understanding what really motivates an American socialist. The Realignment is right at the top of my "must listen" list, and a highlight of every Tuesday and Thursday. The new Q & A episodes rolled out with Season 3 are especially good. New listeners should go right on back to Episode 1 with J.D. Vance and binge the whole thing.

Great Podcast

This podcast is essential for conservatives and anyone interested in the future of the right, or the future of American politics. They interview a wide variety of guests, including senators, policy experts, and venture capitalists. Through these interviews, they are able to demystify important concepts, such as “industrial policy,” “economic nationalism,” and “breaking up Big Tech.” Keep up the great work!

Very interesting podcast

I really enjoy these episodes and their conversations. I always learn something and appreciate their opinions.

The inside outside game.

In a podcast universe that’s replete with “thinkers” the realignment offers practical information on the potential populist future of the GOP and America. The guys aren’t tear It down types, they suggest instead that the American people can harness the broken system to work for them. Are they the gracchi brothers, promising grain in search of power? Only time will tell, but their fresh approach to politics is useful in this time of stagnation.

Conservative hosts who respect their guests.

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard conservative commentary that doesn’t ever go off the rails. Marshall and Saagar can have a socialist on their show, and instead of screaming at them, engage in a quality debate where they say, “This is what I disagree with you on and why...” and allow for rebuttal. I love this podcast.

Informative, approachable, and calm

Great, thought-provoking content taking a more centrist angle on many political topics, and not arguing exclusively out of traditional definitions of right or left. Also, a focus on the very important (and grossly under-reported) issues around big tech and its nefarious influence on our politics is a big draw. Saagar and Marshall, have a good rapport and do a good job of informing listeners on more technical aspects of their conversations.


I’m down to buy a mug! 👌🏼

The only podcast I’m excited about each week

I listen to a lot of podcasts, virtually all of them because of a professional obligation to stay on top of what’s going on in our country. But I genuinely look forward to and get excited about very few. Marshall and Saagar’s is one of them. Every show, these guys are exploring the most interesting questions of the day, issues and ideas that no one else is talking about. It is a must-listen podcast to understand the very real political realignment that’s happening right now. Marshall and Saagar get it in a way your typical right-wing podcaster simply doesn’t.

The Perfect Opportunity to learn about the Conservative Realignment

So often it feels like the only voices in conservatism outside of the mainstream media are those tied to the ideologies found at the daily wire or the blaze. This podcast however give a fresh take on conservatism, and allows you to peek into what the future of this ideology might hold.

Great podcast whether you’re left or right

Discovered the podcast through watching Saagar’s show Rising. Even as a left leaning individual, I can still listen with contentment to these guys. Love the variety of guests on the show as well.

Excellent show

Don’t agree with everything these guys say but this a good show, the cover a lot of bases and have serious heterodox ideas.


What I really like about this show is the maturity in which subjects are covered from an implementation standpoint. Marshall and Saagar discuss policy in the context of actual change and with explanation on how the system works. As someone who has interned on the Hill myself, I can say they really do bring the daily considerations of those who work within the highest levels of government to the table in a way few podcasts do. Bravo.

Awesome podcast

This is a great podcast to listen to keep up with what’s going on in the political sphere. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to follow the realignment of American politics!

Good & Insightful Political Commentary

Saggar & his team do a good job of talking about what actually matters right now in politics. They also have some very good & prominent guest on often.

Wetter than the monsoon

Marshall and Saagar both make me more wet than the monsoon does the Himalayas. I’ve finally found a set of commentators that adequately represents my political views. In ten years I expect these guys will be playing a much bigger role in the National discussion of right politics.

Great Pod

Started watching Rising due to your appearance on Rogan, then found my way here. Generally lean left, but feel as though I am in the political wilderness now. But I throughly enjoy listening to thoughtful opinions, no matter which side you fall on. Keep up the great work!


Really good podcast y’all. How does the Populist Right go about rebuilding a faith in the US, and the American project that goes across racial lines?


Centrist and fact based show talking about substantive policy with great perspective from Marshall and Saagar. The guests are informative and the topics are relative. I really enjoy it.

Great Political Pod

This is a political podcast unlike any other. You won’t hear mainstream party talking points. Marshall and Sagaar bring a perspective that resonates with millennials like myself. I learn something new on every episode and I highly recommend it!

Why not realign with Democrats?

Both of you have stressed that your priorities have been meeting the needs of the working class and the majority of the American population. Given Joe Biden’s build back better plan and his plan to raise the corporate tax rate, and the pressure from the progressive wing to be harder on big tech, the Democratic Party seems as likely if not more likely to advocate for many of your positions. So why are you still aligned with the Republican Party besides being annoyed by woke politics on the left? Also I want a mug. Just a white mug with the pod logo on it. Erik


You guys are great! I know you guys are big into history and was wondering who you top 5 politicians were In the pst 100 years nd why. Chuck

Bad ass

This is on the highest level of podcast discourse going Yang Speaks, We Hold These Truths, The Realignment These are the 3 podcasts I know that consistently help me to participate in our country's health and direction Thank you both for doing it Keep going!

Well worth the time

Guests are high quality, questions and follow-up are perspicacious. (But don’t worry, they don’t use words like perspicacious) Interested in populism on the American right as seen from the DC think tank perspective? This is a great place to learn whats swirling around. Hosts can be funny, usually intentionally.

Good work

Great pod


Excellent pod

A No BS View from the Right

I’m not a fan of “Party Politics”, but I still want to know what people are thinking. How else can you become informed? That being said, I really appreciate this podcast because of the hosts fairness in talking about all the issues facing the voting public. Their guests come from all parties and viewpoints, and you get a pretty wide variety of responses and ideas on how to deal with current problems we are all facing. This gives me hope that we can make our future better than our past. Thank you for what you are doing!

A podcast for those of us who want to change the GOP

I ran across this podcast by listening to a recent Joe Rogan episode featuring Saagar and Krystal. Podcasts, or really anything, focusing on realistic populism is hard to come by. This podcast offers diverse populist views, populist ideas that can be reasonably implemented, and a great rotation of guest. As a political candidate in 2018, this is helping me for 2022.