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Great podcast and getting better! +Question

Love the show, and the variety of guests is fantastic. MY QUESTION: Can you guys define neoliberals and explain why you aren’t Neolibs? Because I feel like you are on everything other than trade policy, immigration, and maybe a very vague commitment to industrial policy which might just come down to trade policy and some tax credits. Saagars answer about healthcare on a recent ep seemed to highlight this to me: he described almost to a T a typical center left neoliberal view of healthcare policy: keep private insurance, use market mechanisms, with some corporatism (subsidies, tax credits) and some safety net programs on the margins.


Hi Marshall and Sagaar, I was interested in knowing what you guys think the new right’s direction on affordable healthcare should be. Do you embrace Medicare-For-All? Do you try a hybrid system maybe like Australia? Leave it as it is? Or is there something else you guys would propose?


Really enjoying the podcast and the unique perspectives. It is a breath of fresh air compared to MSM on both sides. Question: How much weight do you give to current National polls on Trump vs Biden? Are Trump voters really afraid to answer honestly? Who even responds to polls anymore?

Great stuff

Marshall and Saagar, wonderful podcast! I look forward to your uploads every week. You bring the right-populist perspective that is so ignored by most dialogue. You continually mention using economic means to achieve conservative goals, but rarely elaborate on what exactly you mean by that. Is a strong family-based culture the extent of “conservative goals” for you? To what extent does that go? I realize this may be a personal question but I am generally curious. Thanks!

Fair and unbiased

What a great way to learn without bias. Highly recommended.

We Stan Saagar and Shall

Hey guys! Love the pod. I am also a young conservative and have learned a lot. My question is to Saagar. I have watched Rising almost every day for a year. I watched in the early summer as you and Krystal struggled to talk about the protests and riots. I am wondering what you learned from that. I was so impressed to see you two keep your cool and eventually move on. I felt like it was a huge win for bipartisanship. Thanks!

Private equity

How should the right deal with private equity?

Hate my job

I’m currently work in public accounting in tax, working with investment funds and corporations. Hate it. I love politics from a strategy and policy perspective. How would you recommend a jump into the political world? (Without running) is there a basic entry point? Is it better to start local?

Always insightful

I wanted to let you know that I very much enjoy this podcast. It is always insightful and helps to fairly describe what is going on from all sides. This is in direct contrast to all other media sources that bombard me. Episode 51 discussing the racial issues and perspectives was especially interesting. I will be listening to it more than once. Your discussions help me to broaden my views and better inform my thinking. Keep up the good work!

Incisive yet humane commentary

Great job, gentlemen, for continually plumbing the depths of our current political insanity with insight and humanity. My question: what is your familiarity with the American Solidarity Party, and to what degree could it—or any other rising third party—become a legitimate contender in our current political climate?

Real talk about real issues

If you are tired of talking heads that spend time parroting then same narrative and you want to hear genuine discourse on the issues of the day, then you won’t go wrong with this podcast.

Listening & thinking what a novel idea!

I’m an ex republican who has alway wanted to hear great discussions of policies and open & new thought presented well. So far these guys do that. Looking forward to hearing more from them and their diverse guests.

Good podcasts for lefties

This podcast is a good listen for lefties. While they are definitely partisan they are not hacks and to me that is the most important thing. I can’t listen to anyone who blindly follows Party rhetoric. Put it like this I’m on the left and I would rather listen to this then pod save America or garbage like that. The only thing I worry about is there affiliations with think tanks and if right wing populism is a real thing. I think it is because I work with people that are conservative on social issues but support policy that would help working people but all of the political people have been frauds so far.

Thanks for giving us a voice

Hey sagaar , I’m a lifelong Erie Pa resident and a political science degree holder. I’ve heard your random call outs asking the valid question of “ how will this help the residents of Erie.” luckily we have your two voices to give us Erie residents the relief knowing that there are people still advocating for us. Feels like we’ve been left here to die.

Great Podcast!

I really enjoyed this podcast. I thought I would try it out and I just subscribed. One question - Seems like the states that are big on “mail-in” voting are all very blue and will never be going for Trump. With electoral college, why should we worry about them?

An Escape from My Echo Chamber

I recently asked for recommendations for thoughtful, right of center podcasts. This is exactly what I was looking for to challenge my leftist ideals.

Great show!

You both make me think, which is appreciated (though I generally align more with Saagar’s other co-host, Krystal!) But here’s my question: What is your preferred alternative to single payer? Is it mutuals (policy owner held companies? Regulated competition? Something else?

Populist Dark Web

The PDW is my guilty pleasure. And Sagaar and Marshall are the Glenn Lowry and Brett Weinstein of the PDW. My question is which one of you is Glenn and which one is Brett Weinstein? Or, would you compare yourself to someone else in the IDW?

Mug yes!!

Look forward to Tuesday and Thursday and heading to my podcasts because of you guys. Wow I’d love a mug should have asked you earlier when yo talked about it a few weeks ago, if I’m to late let me know where to get one. Chuck Campbell 5061 Markwood Drive Erie Pa. 16510

Bernie Sanders and Democratic Socialism

Hi Marshall and Saagar, Can you provide a conservative, populist rebuttal and alternative to Bernie Sander’s/Democratic Socialist’s chief policies: Medicare for All and Green New Deal? Also, are conservative and progressive populists in agreement on anti monopoly laws?

500 review question

I found rising from jimmy dore, who I found from an online forum. I immediately fell in love with the show, I was a daily watcher until the joe rogan interview. I initially viewed the current protests favorably, I believe in justice for all. I became disillusioned as I saw innocent people beaten in the streets. Not many of my family members have seen these videos because they don’t go online, msm has failed to show these videos. I fell out of love with krystal over what she said on rogan, particularly the points comparing these riots to the insurgents in Afghanistan. Seeing your differences on this issue, and in my opinion your being robbed of your opportunity to express populist ideas on rogans show, has this changed the relationship and dynamic of rising? Question is for Saagar obviously. P.s. I really liked the joke you made about people coming to you and saying “I saw what you said about the boss”

Great Perspective

These guys have a great balance to each other and they interact constructively with there guests. I look forward to listening to these guys on my commute to and from work.

Great podcast

Awesome podcast that isn’t afraid to be brutally honest about the strengths and weaknesses of our political parties.

Fantastic Work from the Fellas

This podcast is a sensible and as non partisan as a political podcast can realistically be. It’s a nuanced and intelligent discussion about ideas without being blindly dependent on ideology. Question: With the obvious flaws and possible budgetary issues in the Social Security systems what are your thoughts on possible privatizing or partially privatizing Social Security? Is that possible and if so, what would that even look like? Thanks, Sandwich Hoss P.S. I want some merch!

My source for honest political discussion

This is Saagar at his best and Marshall is steady as always. I finish every episode feeling I’ve expanded my horizon just a bit more.

The realignment

Lefty Rising viewer needs more content. Thanks gents.

Intelligent discussions you won’t find in many other places.

I really enjoy the nuanced policy and political discussions that these guys bring. Most people have a monolithic view of what conservatives are, but Marshall and Saagar really destroy that notion. In a country where both parties have decided that they’ll only address the economic needs of the top 5% and get the votes of some of the unwashed masses through cultural signaling only, the perspectives of these podcasters and their largely excellent guests are a breath of fresh air.

Great podcast

Found this podcast via their YouTube interview with Ross Douthat. Great stuff.

Amazing Podcast

One of my favorite podcasts! Marshall and Sagaar break down the most important political trends today and interview fascinating guests from all across the political spectrum. This is the first podcast I write a review for, because it’s just that good. Never fails to make me think about my own politics.