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Saagar is my spirit animal

Could you see a populist Republican running on a limited bureaucracy but not limited government platform focused on people and local power? For instance eliminating all transfer programs with a 2,000 a month UBI, $10,000 stock bundle given to everyone at birth and a jump start grant of 10k a year to young people 18-22 to help them start businesses, seek higher education, job training, start families, buy homes, etc. This would be a blend of libertarianism, localism, and truly free market capitalism. I feel like this is a blend between Yang and Milton Friedman.


The interviewer askes fantastic questions of the guest (Bret Weinstein episode).


Hey guys great show. You talk a lot about China but I’m curious about specifics. Under what terms should the US renegotiate trade w China? What to actionably do about Xinjiang? How to preserve maritime borders without escalating to armed conflict? Do we need a Cold War style mirror to the belt and road? Even if you only talk generally about being tough on China, what are the specific steps and specific limits to doing that?

Fantastic Analysis

Marshall and Saagar take it to the next level with real political analysis, for anyone who’s hoping to learn more about systems in our nation

Good podcast!

Question for Sagaar: I’m not sure if I’ve heard you say it directly, but I have definitely heard you at least agree with Krystal on Rising that the US handling of COVID has been abysmal/horrible etc.; when I look at per capita statistics I just don’t see how the US has done worse than other large western democracies. Curious if you can expand on why you think we have done worse, and what should have been done differently? (From a medical standpoint—I fully understand your problems with how the economic crisis has been handled, or not handled). Cheers Dan




As a libertarian since the days of Ron Paul’s candidacy, Realignment (as well as Rising) is helping me retool my perspective with much more nuance to face the days ahead. Great show. Insightful guests. Please listen and consider.

Good insight.

Good observations on current events. I’ve become a regular listener.

🎶Where have all the healthcare coverage discussions gone 🎶

Love the show and the interesting discussions that come out of the complex issues we face! Question: Something that has gotten very little discussion lately is healthcare coverage and the Republican’s plan to appeal ObamaCare. As someone who has worked in healthcare for that past 12 years, and in the Canadian market for many of those years, I see the draw backs and benefits of a nationalized healthcare plan. If Obamacare is successfully repealed, where do you see a nationalized healthcare coverage going? I don’t think we can go back to the old system, and with more measures being passed (post meaningful use), do you see a system of accountability and transparency for healthcare (specifically in regards to pay for performance reimbursement models for much of medicare now)?


Appreciate the upfront, open conversations that our society deserves. What qualities will a young, realigned conservative candidate have to entice national attention but also bring out local voters?

New favorite political show

Love these guys, love this pod. Fair and balanced. Great guests. Insightful questions. If you’re a patriot hungry for the truth, this is a no brained.

Thank you for bringing Bret Weinstein on!

I am politically unaffiliated and vote across the board although I consider myself left of center. I plan to listen to your podcast, now, because you had the good sense to speak with someone who I believe has the correct take on how to steer our country back to sanity. We are in danger of heading towards civil war if something reasonable is not adopted in our political structure which currently serves mostly only politicians and those they have sold out to. I would argue that it is those farthest on the right who would never vote for a Republican who is willing to find a middle ground re: the abortion issue, and it is the farthest left who want abortions at any stage of the pregnancy to be legal (and also funded by tax payer $!!). The loud minorities on both sides of the spectrum should not be dictating policy for all Americans. When people feel they are actually represented by their government, I believe they will become more active voters. Thanks for what you do!


is it just me, or is the up and coming CCP / PRC going to be the story of the 2020 decade? they are on a long term trajectory, our quarterly near sightedness cant see the forest bc of the trees!!


Changed me from hard on the left, to the right populism. Keep doing it and keep changing peoples minds!

A Must-Listen Too Pod for the Future

Shows like this is needed now more than ever To understand what is actually happening out there



Breath of fresh air!

No demonization of the other side. Thoughtful and fresh ideas!

Great Podcast with Honest Conversations

Saager and Marshall are great together and really compliment each other. A really honest podcast that isn’t barfing back the talking points of the political parties. Keep it up guys!

Future Guests

Do you plan on bringing in more controversial voices for conversations? Considering this is a respectful, level-headed show, it could make for interesting discourse to see someone like Milo or Gavin McInnes. Maybe not either of them specifically, but someone in that category of borderline “shock-jockey”

Deep Dive into the American Political Sphere

Saagar and Marshall both are incredibly insightful and have perhaps some of the best insight on anyone, anywhere on the current political situation. While I am liberal atheist my staunch opposition to wokeness and extreme suspicion of corporate power has thrown me into the politically homeless camp. I actually find that Saagar in particular is actually the rare commentator who gets very close to my general political views. Absolutely essential podcast. Question: With Millennials and Gen Z having only a small number of traditional social conservatives, do you believe that the Republican Party could truly change its base to grasp a sizable portion of the younger generations? From my anecdotal experience, the layman 20-something has accepted the “Republicans are racist/sexist/etc” attack so easily that it would be very difficult to fight against such an ingrained narrative.

Thankful for honest political commentary

If you demand wokeness or corporate sponsorship from you political commentators, this podcast is not for you. Do you think a multiracial, gender blind party for working class, middle America makes sense? These guys appear to as well and I like it. Keep it up.

Actual non-identiy politics!

Question for the pod: Do you think public debate on Twitter represents how most of the country feels? To what degree should the twitter-verse be used to determine public sentiment? Love the show!

5 for 5

As a social conservative but economic moderate, there aren’t too many political podcasts focusing on those intersecting beliefs. Saagar and Marshall do an excellent job of exploring possible futures.

Insightful honest ideas

It's so nice to find a conservative podcast where the hoasts seem to be reasonable and thoughtful people and not just hack commentators or grifters. It's nice to have a podcast I can recommend to more liberal people Where I don't have to be embarassed about the quality of ideas being put forth by the hosts.

More than just a political podcast

Saagar & Marshall are well versed to speak on many issues involving politics. The best part, is that I often find myself looking up words, policies, people and studies they often refer to, in order to understand what they are talking about, that I often find myself treating each episode as a lecture in college where I need to be prepared so I know what the professor is saying. I love that feeling.

Religion and the realignment

Hey Marshal & Saagar love the pod! my question is what are y’all’s views on the traditionally strong evangelical base of the Republican Party? Where do they fit in the realignment? Do we see as the more people move from traditional churches to the new quickly growing non-denominational “mega-church” we see views shifting? Cause I believe we will start to see a spilt like everything else we will start to see a polarizing effect of you can’t be a true Christian if you are apart of X politics party. Just wanted to hear your guys take on this and anything y’all feel is related!

Great set of guests.

Saagar is a “BIPOC” Tucker Carlson Jr. with a Hitler Youth haircut but also one of the most interesting voices in the Republican Party today. Definitely better than Tucker who is all gloom and doom “they’re coming for us whiteys.” The show has improved considerably since it went independent, and I love that the selection of guests is eclectic and non-dogmatic. I prefer Rising for its more balanced reporting, but I’m also a sucker for the long-form interviews that The Realignment carries. Marshall brings a very interesting nuance to the discussions but remains underutilized so far. Question: what political options remain for the hosts if the Republican Party doesn’t give up its project of austerity and embrace their preferred brand of conservative populism in say the next ten years? If there’s no Rising Party, will you still be part of the Republican Party and simply lead frustrated lives? Will you continue to be deluded like the many Bernie supporters who routinely vote for Democrat Neocons?


Hello Saagar and Marshall, great show! My question is where does Saagar buy his ties? The floral ones are amazing. Also, how do you combat all the neoliberals who are working in the CIA,NSA,CISA,DIA,etc.... These agencies are led by career people who have grown under the neoliberal ideals and thus have taught them to their underlings. Do we have to revamp all of the agencies? Thanks for the show, you guys should have T-shirt’s!