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Much needed voices

Great show with hosts who have a finger on the zeitgeist and are open minded. The only podcast usefully pondering the future of American political parties and how they construct their coalitions. I would really like to see more episodes akin to the Sunkara episode- somewhat of a debate format, and I think those present a great opportunity as Saagar and Marshall are forceful yet respectful and appear to argue in completely good faith. Keep up the good work. A question for the Saagar and Marshall: What do you believe to be the future of the Western European social states-a lá Sweden, Germany, and France- as their populations continue to age, their economies become brittle and increasingly burdened by their social welfare obligations, and amid the possible withdrawal of the United States from the position of dedicated military defender? Thanks.

My favorite podcast

Incredibly insightful and thought provoking discussion on the political and social realignment we are living through. Can’t praise the hosts enough for their work on this high-quality show and their effort to choose guests who will challenge their listeners. #WhereThoseMugsAt?

Refreshing honesty from the swamp

I love this podcast, Saagar and Marshall teach us the workings of today’s system without the mainstream propaganda

New wave

This is an great, fresh, young, and educated perspective from the right. More people need need hear more reasonable dialogues/conversations like ones Sagaar and Marshall have.

Stay flagrant

Andrew Shultz pod brought me here

Brilliant podcast

They explore ideas on both sides of the aisle without bias. Great honest discussions.

Great podcast, awesome conversations, gotta listen

These guys are amazing. I love the free thinking and unafraid nature they attack today’s political landscape. They have awesome guests who really push you to think. Keep up the great work gentlemen. I look forward to more content

Great listen!

So thankful for Marshall and Sagaar and their ability to help me understand the current US political theater.

Understanding the global

Hi Marshall and Saagar, what do you think are the pros and cons of negative interest rates, and more largely how do you think European fiscal concerns compare to our US fiscal concerns?

The realignment

I have a reporter question. When did access to powerful people become more important than holding those same people to account?

New to the show, really enjoy it

Conservative conspiracy theories speculate that the democratic party is actively trying to make the election so convoluted that the electoral college vote cannot be qualified. This would lead to involvement by the Supreme Court and ultimately the House of Representatives, as I think I understand it. What are the chances that there is any validity to this? Keep up the great work! Thanks, Andy

Refreshing Political Experience

Saagar and Marshall break down policy deeper than most political podcasts. Its incredibly refreshing to be challenged politically and being able to listen to intellectual conversations. Strong recommend.

Thoughtful dialogue for anyone that has little faith in either party as they exist today.

Smart objective conversation for the left or right leaning individual who feels both parties are failing us. At a time when all mass media is controlled by the elites and truly is “fake news” as our petulant president so often bellows, Saagar & Marshal, are a welcome relief. While I find myself agreeing more often with political ideologies voiced by Krystal Ball, I have to applaud Saagar & marshal for bringing a populist conservative view that’s relatable to many on the left. Keep at it guys!

Making politics relatable

Politics for the longest time has seemed distant and unrealistic to me. You two have made politics much more relatable, and given me hope that people discussing politics and controversial topics in general can still be human (I rarely have the pleasure in my everyday life of hearing people debate politely and with an open minds). I’ve learned so much from listening to this podcast, you do an awesome job and have given me a thirst for even more knowledge. Thumbs up to you both. You don’t talk much about yourselves, even in the earlier episodes, what brought you both together to do this podcast?

Saagar/ Marshall will either of you guys run for office ?

I think the only way you can really bring your movement to the real world is by running for office. That’s how people really change political parties like Clinton in the 90s and regan in the 80s People who changed their parties for decades. Also please come to Wisconsin and run please I’d love to say I had a governor Saagar !!!!!!!

As balanced and honest as Political Podcasts Get

These two podcasters are as balanced and honest about their biases as possible. They hold themselves accountable but don’t always hold their guests to facts vs hyperbole and feelings; Im sure that’s a hard line to maintain. It’s one of the best balanced podcasts we’ve got at this moment in time.

Great podcast, honest talk about issues with skin in the game

I love the podcast and really admire your honesty about our political culture and how power is actually wielded. I also enjoy the variety of guests and how you give everyone a fair chance to help your viewers understand the issues at hand. I do have a question: What was your political awakening, either in general or to your focus on crafting a new populist reimagining of the conservative movement?

Your Podcast is Terrific

I have always been and continue to be a seeker of knowledge and wisdom. Now that I am retired, I have even more time to devote to that passion and, in that vein, have discovered your podcast. I started from Podcast number 1 and am just a few away from being right up to date. I lean right of center, like you guys, but always appreciate listening to other opinions and really admire your format, much like that of Joe Rogan, of being curious, first and foremost, asking critical-thinking questions to steer the interview, and not trying to impose your own opinions and/or shout over the guest speaker when you are in disagreement with him or her. You bright young guys give me hope for the future at a time when it seems no one is tolerant of the opinions or beliefs of others in our ‘cancel’ culture. Keep up the good work and God bless.

An Intro to the Future of the United States

I absolutely love this podcast. Marshall and Saagar do a fantastic job balancing the intersection of modern political shifts with decades of futurist ideas. I found this podcast during the Andrew Yang campaign back in 2019 and I have been hooked ever since. This is THE political podcast for any voter without a complete partisan bias. They always support the voters and they never support corruption. As a form of political media I have found that it is consistently worth the respect of attentive consumption.

10 stars

Flagrant 2 brought me here and im so glad it did

Building the Coalition

Hi Marshall and Sagaar, in your conversation with Rachel Bovard, you guys touched on building coalitions to win over working class voters and defeat some of the more libertarian elements of the right. Rachel had mentioned working with steel manufacturers. I was wondering if you guys could talk deeper about that subject? What are some of the groups a more pro-working class conservative could gain support with in order to beat a primary opponent who might have endless funding from a group like Americans for Prosperity or the Koch Foundation?

Great ideas

Nice to have a open dialogue between sides.

Great Analysis

Great, well thought out analysis; in depth interview questions.

Such a great podcast

I love that Sagaar and Marshall can have civil and engaging conversations with people from both sides of the aisle in a way that broadens the way I think about issues.

Enlightening and hopeful during deep partisan times

I am a recovering neoliberal and I use this podcast as my sponsor. Saagar and Marshall bring a fresh and hopeful message from the right. A must share with your over-the-top liberal aunt

A thoughtful and solution oriented political show

This is simply one of the most refreshing approaches to understanding our current political reality. It should cut through whatever part of the left/right divide you fall on. Q&A: What do you guys think about my new kind of poll? Hear me out. I like to scan YouTube videos from all the major media outlets like Wapo, CNN, NYTimes etc. As I’m sure you both know many of these are pieces going after Trump. I’ve noticed that on almost every one of them the dislikes outnumber the likes 2-1, and the comments are mostly people ripping them for their coverage. I think it would be too simple to just assume these are all right wing trolls going after every media outlet. I have also noticed that most videos of Biden speaking on anything are massively skewed towards dislikes. Sorry for the long question but this is a way I like to gauge public opinion.

It’s a great time!

As a Warren/Sanders person, I disagree with most of Saagar and Marshall’s ultimate conclusions from a policy and often cultural standpoint, but I enjoy hearing their thought process and appreciate that they are able to both simplify big issues and complicate easy narratives. I am frustrated at times with the blind faith of many guests in thinking that “America is clearly better than every country in every way at all times.” Fortunately both hosts do a good job at bringing it back to reality most of the time. I do wish they brought on more people on the left who address that class and race issues are both important like Keeanga-Yamagata Taylor, Imani Perry, or Zoé Samudzi.If you are interested in learning more about how the realignment has been at play in the Democratic Party, id recommend checking out “Don’t Blame Us” by Lily Geismer. Overall, it’s great podcast and I look forward to listening every week.

Great show

Great show

Provides much needed dialogue

Witness Saager and Marshall discuss heterodox politics with conservatives of many stripes. As a lefty, I often feel frustrated by many of the guests lack of knowledge of American war crimes committed in the pursuit of world greatness (school of the Americas destabilizing effects in S. America for example), however they provide invaluable discourse with conservative-friendly topics and Saager usually tries to put on a lefty hat to ask many of my questions for me on controversial topics of today like the role of police, climate change, religious freedom. It's easy for a young embattled left person these days to feel hostile to conservatives because of the actions of perceived uncompromising republican leadership during the Obama years but this podcast reminds me that there are reasonable people on the right that are willing to have fruitful conversations with those on the left. Q&A (I have so many!) Based on the interview with Rachel Bovard, it seemed to me as though there are some conservatives that want cultural autonomy in terms of overbearing protection laws. As a bernardista, I am not committed to die on the hill of universalizing left-liberal social norms if I can get worker protections out of a deal. So here's my question: Are conservatives actually interested in protections in terms of cultural relativity which would logically also apply to other cultures (Immigrants, tribal sovereignty rights)? Would they allow and respect sharia law orientations in some neighborhoods, or the rational expansion of tribal sovereignty over sacred sites, if it means businesses can operate without danger of being harassed by unreasonable anti-discrimination laws? In short do most conservatives actually want to live in the Plurinational States of America or the Conservative Christian States of America? I think this is a hard question to grapple with, but it seems like an important one for any unlikely left-right alliances around labor rights. Thanks from Andrew