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Post VP Debate Question Thanks

First off, really enjoy the varied conversations that you all have and the willingness to expose opposing/different viewpoints. The last question of the debate had a decidedly “classic” tone and Gmail’s autocomplete probably could have written out the answers we got, but I was curious about whether it’s really true in DC anymore that people from opposing sides can and do come together and can separate the work and personal? As a political outsider, while I understand this is the answer they’re supposed to give, since politics is so much more about identity and attached to who a person is for both liberals and conservatives, can and should politicians separate work and personal? If they don’t, doesn’t it seem more than a bit disingenuous that people who basically accuse one another of being radicals or nuts all day could have a beer and laugh about it after they’re done at the office?

Educated approach to polarizing issues

Only way to move conversations and a nation forward is through thoughtful discussion and open mindedness. Will the majority of Americans ever be able to sacrifice some non-essential beliefs in order to get their core beliefs met? Seems like many people want it all or nothing with such polarized support for the parties Time will tell but this podcast is one wheel on that vehicle of progress

Great discussions, great guests.

My sympathies are firmly with the left but if you are intellectually honest you should realize Marshall and Saagar are too. I love to hear about the issues young minds on the right and left can agree on and gain better understanding of why we disagree when we do. In that vein, here is my question. Do you think abortion and guns are even a good issue for the right to run on anymore? As someone on the left, I find myself annoyed with Democrats rhetoric on guns. As with abortion this is largely a question of asking the government to litigate values. Personally I don’t want the government deciding my partner and I’s family planning options anymore than I want them deciding if I can own an AR-15. Is it too late to depoliticize these issues and allow for more pluralism or is continued totalism on these issues still the way forward for the national parties? I sorely wish Republicans would relax away from “life starts at conception” as much as I wish Democrat’s would stop touting an assault weapons ban. Can a nuanced, compromise oriented discussion ever be had on these issues?

Great podcast!

Very informative and interesting podcast. It’s great to hear about topics not covered in the MSM. Hope it continues to grow. Question: Who would make up your dream ticket for President and VP?

Refreshing lack of loaded bias

It’s nice to find a place (maybe the only one) that isn’t towing a party line or spewing partisan bull****.


Show is tubular. Imagine if social issues weren’t dividing the Bernie Bros, and Tucker Stans. The socialist things we could accomplish!

Thank you

This is how politics should be covered. Thank you for being informed, fair, and calling out the concerns, regardless of what party or person made them.

The New Right is coming.

Where do traditional conservative social convictions fit in the future of the Republican Party? I’m talking things like abortion, LGBTQIA+ rights, immigration, etc. Where do you guys personally land on these issues?


This is one of my go-to conservative podcasts even though I’m generally more liberal. Keep it up! Here's a question for Saagar: what are the major differences between your political views and Krystal’s?

Keep it tight

The real fair and balanced

Great Honest Content

Love the show! I love that neither of you are political hacks and are willing to critique the Republican Party. My question is this: I lean more libertarian, which in my view is pro capitalism and markets, not necessarily pro business. It seems that many so called “libertarians” in the Republican Party are pro business at the expense of real capitalism. An easy example is in 2008 when, in my view, the big banks should have failed and the market should have been left to do its job. Do you think there’s a future where more true competition and capitalism can break up the corporate monopolies? And is there a future for real libertarians in the Republican Party?

Best Political Discussion Podcast

Finally a discussion presenting both sides without political hacks pushing bad faith arguments. Huge fan!

These guys are great!

Entertaining and informative. Glad I subscribed.

Open minded

Open minded conservatives

Review and a Question

Logical discourse thoughtfully articulated. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for in this age of slanted information. You guys talk a lot about what the political landscape will look like at various points in the future. Which got me thinking about problems that won’t go away. One of which I think is the “gap of understanding” between generations. Example...People who grew up before the internet are different than people who have had it half their lives who intern are different from people who have always had internet. The words generational representation come to mind but I’m not really sure what that would be and how it would/could look implemented or if it’s even viable. I’d like to see what your brains think of it. Keep up the important work. Thanks again for all that you do. I look forward to following your journey.

Insightful conservative views

Although I lean left of center, their conservative views on foreign policy and the economy have broadened my appreciation of these issues. I now find myself more in alignment with these views than I previously expected. Congratulations on 1,000 (or 999) reviews. Do you think there is room to balance the need to improve our environment with our need to decouple from foreign imports on critical supplies? My focus in particular is the heavy reliance on rare earth metals from China, but the environment dangers of reopening rare earth metal mines in the U.S.

Great Perspective on the changing American Political Landscape

I found this podcast completely on accident while looking for Michael Lind interviews about his new book. I have been hooked ever since. I find this to be the center right version of the Ezra Klein Show and listen to both to get a good view of both sides. Question: If Republicans lose in a landslide next month, what shape do you think the next phase of the Republican Civil War will take? Who will be it’s biggest players? Thanks for the great podcast and perspective!

Very intellectually pleasing!

**review #999*** Found this podcast from Andrew Schultz. This podcast is a great addition to my library. As a young attorney, it’s refreshing to hear my generation’s take on current events. Good job all!

New Favorite Podcast

Saw Saagar for the first time on Flagrant 2 and thought he was great. Pivoted to his show with Krystal and was hooked! Hoping you could answer a question for me: When you appeared on Flagrant 2, you were asked about what makes you a conservative but you never really expanded on it apart from the family aspect. Any chance you can delve deeper into to this?

The Future

Saagar is the future of trustworthy political media. 999 fellas

Great work!

Great content every week twice a week! Love the guests you find and love that this podcast makes me think about new ideas on a regular basis. I’ve bought a bunch of books and read more from previous guests after discovering them on The Realignment. Question: If you could make one *structural* change to elections or the government in the US (or any of the states), what would it be and why? (I’m thinking, for example, how Maine is now running its first Presidential election with ranked choice voting after choosing it in the 2016 referendum, which changes the way both the people and the candidates approach the election.)

Great podcast

Keep up the good work

Honest discourse

This podcast is laying the bricks of the political conversation of the future. Tired of the the outdated, divisive nature imbedded into the two party system? So is every relatively intelligent adult in America. These guys help break down aspects of politics I was not aware of in every episode. Grateful for what is going on here. Keep up the good work guys!

Great Podcast

I discovered this podcast through Rising and I’m really enjoying it. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in politics and wants to understand changing political landscape. Question for both of you: how worried should we be about the state of America? Are things really that bad, or have echo chambers fueled by the mainstream media and technology caused us to believe that the end is nigh?


Though a very niche issue, I’d like to know what is the populist case for American space exploration? With billionaires like Elon musk and Jeff bezos taking the onus from NASA, how does that fit into an appeal to the working class American.

Excellent show!

Love everything you’re doing and all of the different points of view you bring! Keep doing what you’re doing! Loved the Bret episode!

Great insights from the new generation of conservatism

I love getting fresh insights on current issues from this podcast


Found Saagar through Rogan - huge fan keep up the good work

Oh, this is the stuff right here!

Finally some nuanced, multi-faceted analysis that’s more interested in roots factors and positive change than naked tribalism! I listened to one episode and was hooked, this is the stuff right here. For SpaceJam fans, these hosts clearly have some of Michael’s secret stuff in their lockers 👀👏🏻