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Huge fan

Huge fan of the show! I am a socialist but your show is very thoughtful and engages with the actual beliefs of the left better than most liberal shows. I am trying to better understand where right wingers are coming from and I think the show gives me a better understanding. Can y'all please have Robert Putnam on to discuss his book The Upswing and the trends of alienation and the decline of social trust? I think this is a huge issue that explains a lot of our country's problems but is never covered by the mainstream media.

Enjoying the show but..

Enjoying the show but happened to Ep. 80? I wanted to go back and listen to some again and it’s not available.

Temperate and compelling new voices...

Insightful, open minded and ahead of the curve, this podcast with Saagar and Marshall offers unique perspective on America and our problems/opportunities from across the political spectrum. Question for you both, are you aware of the 4th Turning and have you considered having Neil Howe on the cast? What do you think about the historical parallels between where we are now to other times in American history?

Fabulous Podcast!

That's it. Thats the review! You're fabulous. I admire your ability to have both sides of the political divide represented in an educational and respectful way. Thanks for the interview w/ Andrew Sullivan. Great show!

Well done

Well done to the interviewers - really enjoy this pod, the thoughtful questions, courage to ask real discussion, respectful tone, and variety of guests!

Iran Nuclear Deal Q

Hey guys I love the show! With recent tensions with Iran I was wondering if you could talk about your opions of the Iran Nuclear Deal and if it's something the US should be apart of. Thanks! Keep up the great work!

Great show!

As a normie Dem that listens to folks like Matt Yglesias and Scott Galloway on their normal flagships, it’s fun to hear them let their hair down a bit on this podcast! My question: Why hasn’t “re-alignment” politics found an in road in GOP State Legislative primaries? This seems like such a missed opportunity, GOP State Legislators in Red States are no strangers to initiating new public spending on Health Care, Education, Infrastructure etc and it seems like something that by sheer volume would have some success considering that there are over a thousand state legislative districts that Democrats held less than 15 years ago that represent the actual re-alignment. Might be a great opportunity to get young voters participating in Republican primaries too!

New Favorite Political Podcast

I love Marshall and Saagar, but the true strength of this pod comes from their incredible ability to find an endless stream of smart heterodox guests. I don’t always agree with what they say, but the best pods don’t bolster your worldview but challenge it. Listening always makes me reconsider issues and say to myself “I never thought about x that way.” Marshall and Saagar really understand politics and their guests tend to understand certain issues in new and fascinating ways. I’ve suggested this to my family over quarantine(I’m sixteen) and each episode has been a launching point to greater conversation. Keep up the good work guys!

Best podcast ever!

Scott Galloway interview amazing.

Great show

Great show and something I like to listen to for the truth on what is going on and not the media fluff. Question: When will Americans wake up and see the griff that is the federal gov’t? They care about keeping their power, only helping out their large corporate donors and lobbyists, so that they have a soft landing if they leave public office. I’m so frustrated with everyone arguing over the toxic partisan topics that the right and left feed us, instead of coming together and making things better for the middle and working classes. Government was meant to serve us, not us serving them and their corporate friends.

Great podcast!

Very thought-provoking with a large range of guests.

Student Loan Forgiveness Q?

How likely do you think it is that student loan forgiveness plan will pass in the future? Timeline? If student loan forgiveness was enacted what sort of effects do you think it would have?

Going to change history

Hi I’m a long time riser and newfound realigner. I worked closely with Niko House in the 2016 Bernie campaign, but have become more attracted to this brand of conservatism recently. I recently had an interview with WUNC about ticket splitting. It was rusty, but how can you get better at those short segments? As much as I hate them, they are part of getting our message out there.

Can’t stop listening

Been tuning in for a while, every episode is extremely interesting and timely. Question - what was the state of populism or working class politics BEFORE Trump and his 2016 campaign?

Great interview with Anna.

Fantastically thoughtful episode. And it lead me to the Charlie Rose episode with Sir James Goldsmith. Amazingly prescient.

Cultural vs. Economic

Hey guys, I wanted to ask a sort of two-part question that goes to the conversation you had with Anna. In undergrad I had a professor that almost religiously taught from The American Voter (1960) and also the subsequent sequels to it. I have many problems with the conclusion the book comes to, but as to the relevant parts, what is your take on the idea that American voters vote “wrong” based on their individual needs (the assumption being that the lower economic class tends to vote for conservative economic policies when progressive economic policies would be “better” for them). Without getting into a laissez-faire v. Keysnian discussion, isn’t the assumption that people vote solely on the basis of economic policy wrong? The second part of the question ties in to the first I think and it is: why do a lot of people still categorize the US by ideological regions (I.e. the “south”), when it seems that the only material factor that matters is population and culture. Cities like New Orleans, Birmingham, Montgomery, Atlanta, etc, are all overwhelmingly blue, yet they are in the heart of the Deep South. Can we not all agree that the political ideological divide is now an urban v. rural one and not a northern v. Southern one? Thanks, love the show.

This podcast is what you need in your life!!!

I love this show to the moon and back. The ciritcal analysis and unique perspective portrayed by both Saagar and Marshall allow listeners to make their own decisions and formulate original ideas about real world topics. One of my questions is for saagar, how do you feel about the constant accusation from the right that the majority of Universities are very skewed left politically? Do you think these allegations are accurate?

Great show!

Hey I love Rising and The Realignment! You guys are pretty on the ball so I was wondering if there have been any clamoring or rumors about Mark Kelly running for Presidency in 2024 or if there’s real anticipation on his role in the Senate? Also do you think bringing back earmarks will help stop gridlock? Thanks! Keep up the great content! #FREAKONOMICSKILLAS


Based! Can’t thank you all enough.

Great show!

A great show for populists or the progressive left to the populist right, or just anyone millennial or younger who is tired of establishment politics. My question is what are the chances of an initiative like Weinstein’s Unity 2020 or The People’s party actually getting a platform in the next election cycle? Or, I’m doubtful, you see a way of moving the dem or Republican Party to a populist position? Thanks


love the show- i am a leftist who hates woke politics. i find myself agreeing with you guys a lot. my open minded question is: what is your ideal solution to the heath care problem in our country?

Thank you!

Love the show and both of your perspectives. Please keep bringing outside the box guests! With two elections in a row where the polling data is clearly faulty, why is everyone putting so much stock and analysis into exit polls? Wouldn’t you expect those polls to be just as skewed?

Big fan

Love the show. It’s nice to hear reasonable, populist positions from a right wing perspective. Is there any hope of a Saagar/Marshal political future?

The 2A conflict

I want to open this question by saying that I would describe myself as left of center and that might fuel my confusion on this topic. Is there the potential for a resolution of the vehement 2A conflict that rips the American political landscape apart? It never seems to change. The narrative is that right wants cart blanche 2A rights and the left is going to climb through your bedroom window and rip the guns from your sleeping arms. Regardless of who is running and what their platform is, that is what the arguments always seem to boil down to. Is there a middle ground that could ever be reached? Seems like America could do with a bit of unity after that nail biter of a battle between the lesser of two evils. Thanks for the show, never can have enough rational perspectives. Keep up the good work guys.

Media Bias Question

Hey Marshall and Saagar. Im a new fan of the podcast. I've been watching The Rising for a while and have recently started listening to The Realignment. In a recent podcast, Saagar said that bias media isn't inherently a bad thing; it can act as a catalyst for civic participation. I agreed with this sentiment, however I feel that the more extreme cases of media bias, Breitbart and Huffpost come to mind, have a net negative impact. They are responsible for painting the opposing side as literally evil and do not promote productive conversation. Can you comment on this observation?

These are Mistake Theorist conservatives

If you know the distinction between Mistake vs. Conflict from Slate Star Codex (or elsewhere in the Less Wrong universe) these are mistake theorists. I’m not a conservative, but enjoy listening to these guys because they’re trying to make sense and not trying to score points.

Great if you like getting into policy weeds!

Ben Shapiro --> Jordan Peterson --> Joe Rogan --> The Hill --> Saagar Enjeti. That was my YouTube journey to being a regular listener to this show! If you find yourself feeling politically homeless but also as motivated as ever to really understand what's going on in the world of politics that bypasses all the boring horse-race commentary and left woke signaling from MSM, this is the podcast for you! No matter where you fall on the many spectrums that exist within the political sphere, or if you're still making up your mind, there will be a lot of value to be found here. Saagar is a rising star in conservative thought, and Marshall has proven to be a great interlocuter, although I only know Marshall from this show (so far). Keep it up guys!

Missing the big picture

I have been listening to this show for a while and especially Sagar has gone on and on about this stimulus package being a major component of this election. I think you are way off on this This election is clear and simple: Do the people in swing states want more lockdowns or do they want to reopen. I live in Michigan and I would be shocked if Biden wins here, the people here faced one of the most strict lockdowns in the country and the people in my area are enthusiastically favoring trump. Whole neighborhoods with signs and flags only for trump. People do not want free money from the government. People want to go back to work and back to their normal lives. And the choice for who will do that is clear.

Great Podcast

Happy to stumble upon this starting from JRE to the Rising to the Realignment.


What are your thoughts on Trump’s flopping on his populist promises to rebuild infrastructure