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I love the realignment lol

This is my favorite political podcast. They always have a diverse group of guests and a diverse group of ideas being presented, always being presented in a non condescending way which other podcasts lack. I appreciate Marshall letting guests speak their mind and responding rather than trying to push his ideals or condescend on guests.

Referred by Holman W. Jenkins October 16th Editorial.

So appreciate Mr. Holman’s shoutout. This is a very interesting, very well done podcast.

Theme music needs update

Big fan of the show, but every time I here the theme show music it gives me a very Calvin and Hobbesian-Rocket ship underpants kinda feeling of what is gonna come next in terms of the discourse.

I dig these cats

Unicorn blend of education, humility, intellect, youth, experience, exuberance and wisdom. Not maxed out in all of the above, but high enough scores to make for an excellent (not “excrement”, spellcheck!) pod.

Perfect 4 moderates

Interesting topics and conversations. I may not agree with all the guests, but that would be pretty boring, lol. Marshall has a great voice & calm demeanor. He could challenge the guests a bit more & probably would make it even better :)

Thomas E. Ricks

He is an absolute moron and should not be a guest on a great show like this. Continue to inspire critical thinking and a passion for the history of this great country, not give a platform for more woke crap.

Marshall is a great interviewer

& Thomas E Ricks is an idiot…

Fascinating interviews

Also so great to hear Saagar w/o Krystal


It’s becoming addictive to hear well informed, passionate and common sense solutions for ideas that modern society is facing.

Critical listening

The Realignment is one of those podcasts that is pretty regularly going to make you uncomfortable by challenging your presuppositions. Marshall and Saager are both excellent interviewers and manage to ask insightful, thoughtful, and probing questions without disintegrating into partisan hackery. Well worth listening to, *especially* if you’re in the over-40 category and don’t quite grasp how the next generation of thinkers are approaching the world they will inherit.

Fantastic Podcast!

Love the podcast I’ve been a listener for a while keep up the great work! Loved your latest interview with Peter Zeihan he was an excellent guest!

Marshall star in making

Great job by Marshall standing his ground today interviewing Ian Bremmer who really comes across as a bully from the Right. Interrupts Ian seamlessly to continue the conversation intelligently. Breadth of knowledge is admirable. Thanks for your work

Really solid

Marshall in particular is a very, very strong interviewer. Super relevant topics and much needed even handedness and thoughtfulness.

One of my go to shows

I really appreciate Marshall and Saagar’s perspective and approach to interviewing a variety of guests on challenging topics. It’s so rare to find a podcast like this. Thanks Marshall and Saagar! Keep up the great work.

Great in depth discussion

If only I wasn’t indebted to the United States Government, $425 a month for the next 17 years, I would be able to donate and become a lifetime member.

Need more Saagar!

Marshall is a little too much of a bleeding heart to be doing these interviews solo lol. Still a good podcast tho!

Question: Voting Rights

Hi guys, love the show! My question is about voter suppression. Growing up as a Republican in Washington State, I always assumed voter suppression in the 21st century was simply a talking point for Democrats when they lost elections. However, as I’ve moved more to the center (thanks to shows like yours) I realized that I may not be seeing the full picture. I’m curious to get your guys’ thoughts. Is voter suppression a scapegoat for elite Democrats, or is there a need to ensure more broad voting rights to certain groups in 2022? I’m sure the answer is somewhere in the middle but I’d love to hear your opinions. Thanks!

Breath of Fresh Air

Genuine discussion, self-correcting when needed, open-minded and generally interesting takes. Can’t go wrong with this pod. Cheers!

Much needed Kronkite journalism

I think given the millions of potential news out there and gossip. Realignment has the special touch of objectiveness Most relevant issues, insights and questions Adherence to truth regardless of political leanings

Kodak - innovators dilemma

Hey guys, in your latest episode (Saager’s triumphant return) you mentioned Kodak inventing the digital camera and then sitting on it for decades while they tended to their golden goose of film. It just so happens that my grandfather (Peter Dillon) won a nerd Emmy for being 1/2 engineers of that technology that Kodak then proceeded to sit on. Also - I’m almost positive he invented it in the 60’s not the 80’s and the Japanese started really developing digital in the 70’s which then took off in the 80’s, totally killing Kodak. You guys rock and I’d love for you two to explore more political examples of the innovators dilemma. Keep on rockin’ in the free world 🤘🏼

Holy Context, Batman!

Almost every episode leans into sensitive and/or complex current events, and subsequent reactions to those events. It’s a great mixture of historical references, exposing the problems with our current hot takes, and they’re not afraid to admit when they’re not sure, or when mistakes were made. Great show!

I trust the hosts’ sincerity.

Love the podcast for its striving to engage in thoughtful discussions. In this world where I don’t know which sources to trust, this is one of the places where I turn to as I gather information. Appreciate the tone and demeanor of the hosts as well. Q: which era in our country’s history is the present time similar to? (Comes from the school of thought that “nothing is new under the sun.”). Please keep up the sincerity in your show.

Fantastic and Informative

Marshall really brings the heat on every episode. Topics are well researched, his guests are experts in their fields, and his questions are so well thought out and insightful. Also, I’m loving the recent Ukraine series he’s put together. I’m excited to see this podcast continue to grow and flourish. Keep up the great work!

Better Without Saagar

Marshall’s recent interviews have been incredibly helpful in understanding the situation in Ukraine. I really appreciate the humility and thoughtfulness with which he approaches his questioning and analysis.


Timestamp—do the intro like you used to, w/ some background, thoughts on the episode, context, whatever, but give a timestamp for people who want to skip right to the interview. Might even be nice to hear Saagar’s perspective on the solo Marshall episodes, and this could be done in the first 10 minutes. Keep it up, great guests and topics!

Invaluable discussions.

High level insights- past and present

I no longer hate the news

I have the same review for all of their shows. I originally went to college under a political science and criminal justice major and originally want to be a law enforcement officer. I became quite jaded after undergrad and disliked the news greatly. Their shows make the news informative and watchable again. I only want to throw the remote at the tv out of depression now not anger Jokes aside great shows.

Criminally underrrated

If you love geopolitics or domestic politics - recent episodes have focused on the former - look no further. Marshall’s insightful questions informed by a remarkable knowledge of world history facilitate fascinating conversations. While you may find the same guests in other forums (including podcasts), these episodes are in a different league in terms of their intellectual depth. Keep up the great work!

Informative & Well Produced

This isn’t just some “political drama podcast”. This is real substantive discussion on several serious and relevant issues to our modern day world. One thing I love (but what I’d like to see more of) is when the hosts pause and “set the stage” for all listeners. Political Science was not a Gen-Ed for my college degree so most times I’m left to wonder what some of these terms mean. Neo-Con, Hawks, Doves. Other times I just lack the historical context. But the hosts are willing to include and inform us in their discussions. They’ll stop and ask their guests to define a term or they’ll give a brief history of the topic in question. This is something I’d love to see more of in the future. Audio quality is mostly good too. As someone who works with podcast audio, I think their plosives are a bit heavy. Easily fixed with a pop filter or cover for the mic. If they can touch up their audio and continue to provide context for those less informed as myself, I’ll be happy to change my review to a 5! 100% worth a listen. Edit: Changed to 5 stars! Audio quality seems to be improving + more context given!