The Realignment

Disappointed as of late

I originally came to this show through Saager on Rising. I loved the conversations especially around a time where our politics in the US is evolving. Marshall was a great contrast to Saager and I have thoroughly enjoyed the guests and deep conversations they have had.

However, as of late, it seems the Ukraine crisis has invoked an emotional response which threw the same objectivity and nuance that attracted me to this show out the window. Marshall has seemed to become a Biden shill. He stated that he likes Biden and the current administration which I appreciated the honesty despite having wholeheartedly disagreeing with that point. The argument he laid out for Ukraine was essentially we (US citizens/politicians) should support Biden in this crisis because politics. That’s just gross to me. The situation in Ukraine is so much more complex than good vs bad and a nuance conversation about it should be warranted. There are no good guys in this conflict. The American people owe nothing to a government which emboldens other governments to commit such evils. Biden has been shady in his dealings with Ukraine and that should be acknowledged. The Ukrainian government has shown corruption at the highest level as well and that should be acknowledged. NATO has committed atrocities across the Middle East for the past few decades and that should be acknowledged. The same compassion and coverage should be had for any war. And this topic I would hope would be approached with nuance and objectivity of all sides but sadly is so blatantly one sided.

March 7, 2022 by pwhoule on Apple Podcasts

The Realignment