The Realignment

Which way, Realignment men?

Great show.

I understand the desire to lean away from cultural issues when they continue to be used so cynically (including by members of the anti-GOP dissident right). That said, presumably both of you believe in the continuation of many traditional/conservative/right-wing values and that a society organized around left-wing progressive cultural mores will be neither healthy nor sustainable.

As modern thinkers, how do you balance the desire to maintain and push forward certain cultural values while avoiding getting bogged down in the culture war that maintains the status quo? Saagar, for his part, seems to believe that enacting populist economic policies will simply lead normal Americans to unleash their inner Bronze Age warrior/tradwife. I am skeptical of this and think that any right-wing populist movement that doesn’t include aspirational sociocultural values will fail.

(This thought process is inspired in part by the many “China is based, let them destroy globohomo America” takes floating around the right lately.)

Oct. 7, 2021 by Zoorigami11 on Apple Podcasts

The Realignment