The Realignment

Education Realignment?

You guys have already answered my question, but here’s another if you run out :)

A lot of what you talk about on the show is centered around political realignment, but an idea you often come back to how is politics is downstream of culture. One of the biggest contributors-to and recipients-of culture is of course the education and schooling system.

Where do you place education and schooling in the context of “the realignment?” (and while the problems at the university level are obvious, here I’m actually wondering about high school and below). Interested in your thoughts and thanks for the pod.

Some questions to consider:
Do you largely see schools as contributing to or suffering from the fractured nature of our society?
If you were in charge of “fixing” the system, would you emphasize decentralization so school could return to being focal points of the community, or would you favor a more centralized effort to reconstruct shared values?
What challenges or opportunities do you see in this space going forward?

July 19, 2021 by speakformyself on Apple Podcasts

The Realignment