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Hi, Guys,

Not really a political question, but I finally thought of something I have not been able to find an answer to.

I mainly listen to podcasts and only use Youtube sparingly (mostly Breaking Points). So, what works best on youtube to get you and other creators (1. paid and (2. suggested after other videos: is it subscribing, liking, or just viewing the video mostly?

And a follow up to that, does it know if you watch the whole video or not and does it count if I just let it start? Most of the time I will jump on and hit play, like your vid, I'm already subscribing, then jump off, do the same to another vid-- just to get you and a few other shows numbers or money or whatever- but I don't know if it's necessary/helpful or not.

Second, and likewise, no idea how podcasts work. Is it the subscriptions, plays, downloads, or likes that get you paid or moved up? For instance on Google Podcasts, you can't even hit like, so I'm not sure what helps.

Then, is there one podcast platform that benefits you more than others (google, apple, spotify, etc.) to get paid from and also ranked and all that?

Anyway, if you hit every part of those questions for both youtube and podcasts, and make suggestions, it might help you guys as well. Thanks for great content on all your shows and platforms!

-Mike Data

June 27, 2021 by MikeData on Apple Podcasts

The Realignment