The Realignment

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I love the Realignment even when I disagree with a guest because it makes me think. With that said, Gehl oversells Final 5 voting. When she described it as an achievable reform, another way of interpreting that is that it’s a reform politicians can approve of. The reason they can do so is two-fold:

1. It solves a problem for them. That problem is being primaried . Right now, if you’re primaried and you lose, that’s it. You’re done. Final 5 voting makes being primaried more survivable for them. That’s a self-interested reason to be interested in a reform.

2. Parties can approve of it, too, because primaries will still be based on plurality voting and - as California has shown with jungle primaries where the Top 2 advance to the general - this can work to the advantage of one major party over another by locking the other major party out. At 5 candidates, this is less likely to happen, but this may be the smallest crack the major parties would willingly open for any third parties. And as Gehl herself noted, she’s fine with a 2 party system.

Is Final 5 voting an improvement? Sure. But let’s not kid ourselves. It’s an accommodative, self interested reform.

June 8, 2021 by JayWyss on Apple Podcasts

The Realignment