The Realignment


Hey Guys, regular listener here although I am more left aligned politically. Love your show and find it to be a good faith attempt at presenting your side of the story. I wouldn’t have given Senator Hawley the time of day but I don’t resent you for doing it. I have some questions on this topic in particular but also on some of the other things you have covered in the past.

1. Senator Hawleys attempts to explain his positions against monopolies was extremely disingenuous in my book. One he has a poor understanding of who are the customers of their products. It’s the advertisers and they love FB, Twitter, google and Amazon because it allows them to micro-target audiences with the least money spent. These platforms have substantially reduced the barrier to entry for small business advertisers who would never be able to afford the reach that CBS or Fox would give them. And two if he was actually serious about it, he would extend it to all industries including Boeing, Northrop Grumman or Hallie Burton who actually have govt funded monopolies with huge barriers to entry. It’s easy to bootstrap a Twitter rival. It’s nigh impossible to build a startup airplane manufacturer. Why do you think nobody considers this more urgent?

2. Regarding the lab leak hypothesis of Covid-19, gain of function research gets talked about a lot. I see it in the same light as Project Manhattan. Even though the first use of nuclear fusion technology was a WMD, it did eventually lead to a nuclear power revolution. More importantly blaming project manhattan for Chernobyl isn’t a good strategy. The inability to implicate or punish China has more to do with the US removing itself from world organizations like UN than anything else. Why is WHO a Chinese puppet? Because it’s not a US puppet anymore. How do you reconcile your support for an isolationist foreign policy with the reality that when police retreat, the mafia takes over?

May 12, 2021 by Mavrhishi on Apple Podcasts

The Realignment