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Alcohol Regulation / Tied House Laws/ Question

Hey Marshall and Saagar,

You two are killing it with this podcast. Thank you for taking the time to dissect the nuances and framework of each guest’s argument without allowing to become a bilateral left/right cage match. It truly is a breath of fresh air compared to the mainstream media. Really great discussion with Dr. Kevin Sabet on Marijuana and the future of the industry. I noticed Saager brought up the various states and how some of them have ABC stores for selling liquor and some do not. It’s a great observation, you didn’t get a succinct answer from the doctor, and I think it needs a though explanation and even a podcast.

I wanted to recommend a book for you both which has quintessentially laid the framework for each states laws on the segregation of the manufacturing sector and wholesale sectors from the retail sector, otherwise known as tied house laws. The book is called “Toward Liquor Control” by Raymond B. Fosdick and Albert Scott, and commissioned by John D. Rockefeller to study and prepare America for the return to legal alcohol and regulation with the eventual passage of the 21st Amendment. I think this will help you both in understanding how each of our 50 states have fashioned their own laws to balance the interests of the alcohol industry and our own personal vices with the virtues of public safety and health, along with some sound economic theory on why eliminating vertical integration, as suggested in the book, in an industry of controlled-substances like alcohol has actually given rise to the growth of the modern craft beer and craft distilling movements, spawning more jobs and creating competition in the marketplace. This book is constantly used and cited by regulatory experts and the foundational treatise of modern alcohol policy in the post-prohibition era.

I respectfully disagree with the Doctor that the task to legalize and properly regulate Marijuana is not politically or practically feasible. I think with great advocates who know what they are doing, and these people actually exist, this task can be achieved to spawn a new era in proper Marijuana regulation using a variant of the tied house model approach, which creates built in checks and balances within the industry, and legal mechanisms to address public safety concerns. Also, if you want a good date to launch a podcast to have that discussion like you did with 4/20, do December 5th, the date Prohibition ended. I hope my brief synopsis has made this topic sound sexy enough to do a deep dive.

I also had a totally unrelated question: I want to buy a house so bad, but I don’t know if I can trust big tech sites like Zillow and Redfin to give me clear answers on housing prices and purchasing strategies. Are these sites really a “great utility” for the average homebuyer or are they simply an online mechanism for driving up prices? What is their business model and who do these sites really serve?

Thanks guys!

April 20, 2021 by Bryant P. on Apple Podcasts

The Realignment