The Realignment

Love the show, y’all are great

So, y’all often talk about here and on Rising about “Washington Brain” and how politicians often get into power and lose touch with their voters and don’t understand what they actually think. Unfortunately, here in my home, a Dallas suburb, we are having a small version of that issue. For example the city council isn’t listening to the people and basically bully each other when new members are elected to vote how they want rather than how the voters overwhelmingly want them to. Outside of voting them out, which isn’t working, what do we do to change our local politics and break up some of this mini Washington brain mentality? Everyone is constantly furious but nothing changes.

Thank y’all, Diana Boss

PS Saagar thank you soooo much for your thank you video for the 2020 book, my toddler was over the moon that you finally said “hi” back to him. 😊

April 20, 2021 by Diana_Boss33 on Apple Podcasts

The Realignment