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Question: Federal subsidies for the culture war?

Fantastic show, if you like rising and feel like there aren’t any shows examining today’s issues in depth and in good faith, you’ll love this show whether you’re left or right.

On to my question for the hosts:

In episode 103 with Michael Doran, you touch on the culture war debate and the “private companies / universities can do whatever they want” retort, to which Marshall briefly brings up the fact that Amazon is receiving billions in federal contracts.

This gets at a larger issue which i’ve barely seen brought up: universities (and companies, to a lesser but still significant extent) receive MASSIVE federal subsidies and grants, and these grants often directly fund highly partisan CRT “studies” which are then used as the basis to push leftist policy.

With the understanding the private organizations have freedom of assembly, shouldn’t the acceptance of federal government funds carry some restrictions, or at least guarantee that the recipients won’t discriminate based on race (as Mr Doran admits many universities do)?

During the episode all three of you seem to take at face value the fact that these organizations’ behavior can’t be challenged legally, but i would posit that the government has an obligation not to give grants or subsidies to organizations that so blatantly limit political expression.

Welcome your guys thoughts on this, and any recommendations on writers or thinkers on this topic.

April 17, 2021 by Mfdubs on Apple Podcasts

The Realignment