The Realignment

The Dangers of Oversimplification

Big fan of the show! I have never been very interested in politics, mainly because the media covers it in such an abrasive manner, but you both handle important political dialogues in a nuanced and humane manner. While I don’t agree with all of your guests, I love that this is a place that I can come for such wide-ranging opinions on a variety of topics.

Question: As a college-aged millennial who ditched social media several years ago, I am always frustrated by how Twitter and Facebook oversimplify extremely dense and multifaceted issues for my friends and family. For example, I read quite a bit of critical race theory while in grad school and can easily say that some works of CRT are really bad and some works are really persuasive and well-researched. Yet, it seems that everyone I know either trashes on the entire field of CRT or unquestioningly praises all works of CRT, no matter how poorly constructed, in order to throw more fuel on the culture war flames. What are some very complex issues that you feel have been overly-simplified by social media or the larger cultural war dialogue? Do either of you think we can escape this vortex of oversimplification, or are we doomed to continue minimizing the details and nuances of major issues?

March 20, 2021 by thedudeabides22 on Apple Podcasts

The Realignment