The Realignment

Great podcast that may challenge your priors.

Really enjoy the show and the unique perspective that doesn’t fit neatly into a tribal box. A question:

Two issues of decreasing birth rates/delayed household formation and the decline of community in modern life receive a lot of attention individually, but to what degree do you believe these issues are linked?
My wife and I are both from the very tail end of Gen X (born in 78’ & 79’) and are outliers in that we had our first child right out of college. We now have 3 kids ranging in ages from 19 to 13. Kids are the on-ramp to being involved and engaged in a local community. We started attending church regularly after we had kids, we got involved in their schools, I coached their sports teams, etc. Spending my late 20’s & 30’s focused on my kids provided a sense of purpose and fulfillment anchored in institutions and activities locally. 31 and coaching a little league team means you’re thinking more about the quality and availability of local parks than anything going on in DC.

Are kids the key to community?

March 18, 2021 by derpyburg on Apple Podcasts

The Realignment