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The Debt

My Very Long Question

Saagar constantly hyping Joe W. got me to listen. His answer to the debt though, was as underwhelming as it could be. The debt doesn’t matter because he’s been alive 40 years and it he hasn’t had to pay any of it back? Like wut? Or his theoretical response being that you can’t be in debt to yourself?? Wut? Neither of those, makes any sense or is sufficient to help determine monetary policy. If monetary policy can be summed up by, “well I’ve never been billed for the debt” then shouldn’t we just go ham? Why not universal healthcare + ubi + student debt payoff + yuge military + new houses for everyone?? The fact that you allowed that conversation to continue without drilling down on how much is too much is absolutely crazy to me. Why not 5 trillion in stimulus guys? Anyone want to answer that? Why not lambos for eveyone? Like why am I taxed period? Why not pay teachers 150k a year? Surely big investment into teaching will help everyone. We can’t be in debt to ourselves, right? Seriously answer it.

With love,
Zach Rogo

Oct. 21, 2020 by Zach Rogo on Apple Podcasts

The Realignment