The Realignment

Post VP Debate Question Thanks

First off, really enjoy the varied conversations that you all have and the willingness to expose opposing/different viewpoints.

The last question of the debate had a decidedly “classic” tone and Gmail’s autocomplete probably could have written out the answers we got, but I was curious about whether it’s really true in DC anymore that people from opposing sides can and do come together and can separate the work and personal? As a political outsider, while I understand this is the answer they’re supposed to give, since politics is so much more about identity and attached to who a person is for both liberals and conservatives, can and should politicians separate work and personal? If they don’t, doesn’t it seem more than a bit disingenuous that people who basically accuse one another of being radicals or nuts all day could have a beer and laugh about it after they’re done at the office?

Oct. 8, 2020 by Joel Burke on Apple Podcasts

The Realignment