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This is simply one of the most refreshing approaches to understanding our current political reality. It should cut through whatever part of the left/right divide you fall on.

Q&A: What do you guys think about my new kind of poll? Hear me out. I like to scan YouTube videos from all the major media outlets like Wapo, CNN, NYTimes etc. As I’m sure you both know many of these are pieces going after Trump. I’ve noticed that on almost every one of them the dislikes outnumber the likes 2-1, and the comments are mostly people ripping them for their coverage. I think it would be too simple to just assume these are all right wing trolls going after every media outlet. I have also noticed that most videos of Biden speaking on anything are massively skewed towards dislikes. Sorry for the long question but this is a way I like to gauge public opinion.

Sept. 28, 2020 by Kswets on Apple Podcasts

The Realignment