The Realignment

Provides much needed dialogue

Witness Saager and Marshall discuss heterodox politics with conservatives of many stripes.
As a lefty, I often feel frustrated by many of the guests lack of knowledge of American war crimes committed in the pursuit of world greatness (school of the Americas destabilizing effects in S. America for example), however they provide invaluable discourse with conservative-friendly topics and Saager usually tries to put on a lefty hat to ask many of my questions for me on controversial topics of today like the role of police, climate change, religious freedom.
It's easy for a young embattled left person these days to feel hostile to conservatives because of the actions of perceived uncompromising republican leadership during the Obama years but this podcast reminds me that there are reasonable people on the right that are willing to have fruitful conversations with those on the left.

Q&A (I have so many!)
Based on the interview with Rachel Bovard, it seemed to me as though there are some conservatives that want cultural autonomy in terms of overbearing protection laws.

As a bernardista, I am not committed to die on the hill of universalizing left-liberal social norms if I can get worker protections out of a deal.

So here's my question:
Are conservatives actually interested in protections in terms of cultural relativity which would logically also apply to other cultures (Immigrants, tribal sovereignty rights)? Would they allow and respect sharia law orientations in some neighborhoods, or the rational expansion of tribal sovereignty over sacred sites, if it means businesses can operate without danger of being harassed by unreasonable anti-discrimination laws?

In short do most conservatives actually want to live in the Plurinational States of America or the Conservative Christian States of America?

I think this is a hard question to grapple with, but it seems like an important one for any unlikely left-right alliances around labor rights.

Thanks from Andrew

Sept. 26, 2020 by Bugdrew on Apple Podcasts

The Realignment