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Which way, Realignment men?

Great show. I understand the desire to lean away from cultural issues when they continue to be used so cynically (including by members of the anti-GOP dissident right). That said, presumably both of you believe in the continuation of many traditional/conservative/right-wing values and that a society organized around left-wing progressive cultural mores will be neither healthy nor sustainable. As modern thinkers, how do you balance the desire to maintain and push forward certain cultural values while avoiding getting bogged down in the culture war that maintains the status quo? Saagar, for his part, seems to believe that enacting populist economic policies will simply lead normal Americans to unleash their inner Bronze Age warrior/tradwife. I am skeptical of this and think that any right-wing populist movement that doesn’t include aspirational sociocultural values will fail. (This thought process is inspired in part by the many “China is based, let them destroy globohomo America” takes floating around the right lately.)

Informative & Well Produced

This isn’t just some “political drama podcast”. This is real substantive discussion on several serious and relevant issues to our modern day world. One thing I love (but what I’d like to see more of) is when the hosts pause and “set the stage” for all listeners. Political Science was not a Gen-Ed for my college degree so most times I’m left to wonder what some of these terms mean. Neo-Con, Hawks, Doves. Other times I just lack the historical context. But the hosts are willing to include and inform us in their discussions. They’ll stop and ask their guests to define a term or they’ll give a brief history of the topic in question. This is something I’d love to see more of in the future. Audio quality is mostly good too. As someone who works with podcast audio, I think their plosives are a bit heavy. Easily fixed with a pop filter or cover for the mic. If they can touch up their audio and continue to provide context for those less informed as myself, I’ll be happy to change my review to a 5! 100% worth a listen.

China and the risk of nuclear conflict

In your conversation with Colby about the need to take a tougher military stance against China, you spent over an hour and the topic of nuclear conflict only came up once, in passing, in a throwaway line from Colby. Why isn’t this a bigger concern to you, and if it is, why didn’t you bring it up on the pod? The more time that passes between today and the end of the Cold War, the more I hear policy wonks completely ignore this topic when it comes to discussions about Russia and China. It’s extremely disturbing, and I fear that the next generation of American leaders are so cavalier about and ignorant to the potential horrors of nuclear war that they’re steering us towards existential danger.

Interesting view into the political outlook of the rising generations.

Old fart here. Appreciate the opportunity to get the POV of younger people with different life experiences on matters of politics and culture. Good guests and great conversation.

Constitutional Amendment Question

Love the show! If another constitutional amendment were to be ratified what do you think it would be?


You guys have been killing it recently, keep up the good working. Really appreciate what you do.

Fantastic Show!

Been binge listening/watching this show for the last week. Highly recommend, 10/10

Top notch pod

Big fan of the show. Here’s a question about a pretty bold and innovative idea. What do you know about charter cities / the Charter Cities Institute and do you think that innovation in city planning and governance has a big role in development both in the US and abroad?

The Future

So I am a conservative, and I’ve considered myself one for most of the time I’ve been politically aware. Despite being black, I went along pretty comfortably with the conservative consensus on race for the past couple of years. However, when I got “redpilled” by Saagar, I began adjusting my views on politics. Unfortunately, this lead me to be involved with some fringe people on the right. “Gryopers”, and their views on race, and IQ in particular. At first I ignored this, and even went along with it, despite never really liking Nick Fuentes himself. I did however like some of his followers, and thought I we agreed in most areas. When it became clear that race wasn’t just “another” policy area for these people, but the underlying foundation, despite claims their foundation was religion, this required a serious reexamination of race for me. Doing what establishment conservatives didn’t and seemed to pin on “culture”, gryopers discussed “nature vs nurture.” Their conclusions of course that people of color in large part were by their nature worse. For obvious reasons, this forced me to re-examine race in America, and I’ve come to an opposite conclusion for a variety of reasons. Now the idea that many racial disparities are due to environment seems sensible to me, albeit it’s very complicated. However this puts me at odds with even establishment conservatives. I could never consider myself a liberal or leftist due to certain social inclinations like abortion. However it’s not like I can ignore race either. Where exactly would you say that puts me? A right wing populist who is very unorthodox on the question of race


Great Podcast you two. Found you guy through Joe Rogan and have been an avid fan ever since. I’m looking for books to educate myself about Economics, specially modern economics and the way corporation are run. Since you two are such avid reader (and Saagar majored in Econ LOL.) I was wondering if you have any idea where to stat

Listen and Learn

I love that I can listen to year + old episodes and they still seem relevant. My question is: After watching the aftermath of our withdrawal from Afghanistan and realizing the limitations of our ability to shape the world with military intervention. Would it be in our best interest to defend Taiwan if China invaded? How is deploying force in that situation different from recent engagements? Thanks and love the show.

Great perspective

I really enjoy this show as it pushes my way of thinking and overall perspective. I consider myself a right leaning moderate from Montana. They have very interesting guests and I really like how they push the guests with tough questions and also play devils advocate so everyone has to think more about it. One of my favorite parts is the conversation around bring back American manufacturing! Guys, What are some of your favorite American made goods? I’m a big fan a Leatherman multi tools and Origins Maine jeans … saving up for a pair of boots! As an older millennial I want to say hats off to you both!

Real Diversity In Thought

Thank you both for constantly and respectfully pushing back on your guests in real time. Also, continue to remind your guests that your listeners are outside of their bubbles and probably not on their red or blue political team. Always the best.

Review/Book Recommendation

Love the pod, love that you guys are both open minded and willing to give other people the benefit of the doubt. I’d love to hear you speak with someone like Richard Wolff or Jeffery Sachs, get really into the weeds about economic leftism and what would work/wouldn’t. Book recommendation is Killing Hope by William Blum, been quite the eye opening read for our Cold War history.

Education Realignment?

You guys have already answered my question, but here’s another if you run out :) A lot of what you talk about on the show is centered around political realignment, but an idea you often come back to how is politics is downstream of culture. One of the biggest contributors-to and recipients-of culture is of course the education and schooling system. Where do you place education and schooling in the context of “the realignment?” (and while the problems at the university level are obvious, here I’m actually wondering about high school and below). Interested in your thoughts and thanks for the pod. Some questions to consider: Do you largely see schools as contributing to or suffering from the fractured nature of our society? If you were in charge of “fixing” the system, would you emphasize decentralization so school could return to being focal points of the community, or would you favor a more centralized effort to reconstruct shared values? What challenges or opportunities do you see in this space going forward?

Amazing Podcast

Recently found this podcast after the Joe Rohan / Rising podcast and I love it!!! Here’s my question: What do you know about charter cities / the Charter Cities Institute and do you think that innovation in city planning and governance has a big role in development both in the US and abroad?

Fiction recommendations

The red rising trilogy by Pierce Brown

Balanced and Informative

Very interesting and love the deep dives into topics that are rarely covered in US media! I’m disgusted with the radical leftist ideology but at the same time I’m not a Trumper. As someone who is in favor of a more regulated capitalist society with both classically liberal to moderate/conservative values it’s SO hard to find journalists and thinkers who have similar types of viewpoints or at least present those viewpoints in a fair and insightful way. One question - With US pulling out of Afghanistan (I’m very in favor of less endless wars) I can’t help but think that this is a win for China expansion however could it be a major risk for them because of the volatile Taliban ideology and previous countries that have failed in stabilizing Afghanistan? I think it will be very interesting following this.

VP Harris question

Saagar, you have said you were shocked when Biden chose Harris as his running mate. Have you gained any more insight into why she was chosen? Does she have powerful friends? Not only was I taken aback when she was chosen but now feel that there is an attempt at gaslighting us all into thinking that she was always popular when she was not. Thank you

Fiction vs. Non-Fiction

You guys have a lot of authors on the show, which leads to many great non-fiction book recommendations. I love non-fiction and often get accused of reading too much of it. So, with that in mind, what are your favorite FICTION books, and have these in any way informed your political framework?

Boyle episode

I found this so confusing and creepy. Venture capitalists care about America ?? Hahahahaha that’s kind of hard to believe


Question: What are your favorite books, and have these in any way informed your political framework? If so, how?

Black Lives Matter

Hello, I would like to hear the pros and cons IRT the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as, what African American leaders are doing at the grass roots level to address black on black crime, and maybe some coalition partners of all races who are interested in truly defining and solving this problem.

Getting involved

What would you recommend to a 20 something year old interested in politics? I’ve heard Bret Weinstein comment on the podcast: “stay out of the current discourse if you have dissident politics like ours”(paraphrasing). Ultimately any institutional route would lead to partisan brainwashing or outright failure. And going independent/podcasting is a huge risk and not financially stable for someone starting out. I’ve always thought about applying for a DC org that studies important ideas that I care about. Any suggestions or feedback?

Implications of Epstein

You probably should ignore this question if you value your institutional acceptance, but here goes. Ari Ben Menashe, former Mossad operative, has said that Jeffrey Epstein was part of a Mossad honeypot operation, and Secretary Acosta stated “I was told he was intelligence.” Further, we have seen evidence of wealthy Americans who are deeply committed to Israel, having funded Epstein’s operations, whether knowingly or not. Lets assume this were true, and Israel, through the Mossad, ran (or is running) a honeypot operation using Underage American (and European) girls to blackmail American politicians and other powerful western leaders, and was funded by Israeli-first Americans. What implications should that have for American-Israeli relations? Should we have congressional hearings for people like Bill Clinton and others who may have been blackmailed in this operation? Is there a way to actually get this issue addressed by official America? Thank you and great show!

Ep 135

Re: moderation Why is so much to ask that social media site not moderate but provide extensive tool for user to control and curate their own experience? I feel like everyone not just the guest skips that as an option. Also idk that I would use 8 Chan founder as an example, there is drama there and he was burned by the current owners. Also 4 Chan predates Reddit by 6 years and it's moderation team fell victim to entryism. (Yes sites need some to remove child porn, but that's illegal not thought crime. I assume you have seen Timcooks unhinged speech.) Also, on the point of Monopoly, our laws didn't develop with the concept of platforms as a service business model. So much of the is out of step with reality and these businesses acting in many cases as quasi soviegn entities.

Finally I Wrote a Question

Hi my name is Jesse. I love the show and have listened for a while but just got around to the Q and A. I am an incoming graduate student in the DC area. I know I want to work in the political or political-media sphere but despise the Democrats and am disillusioned by the Republicans. I strongly believe in a more realist and overall Realpolitik view of American foreign policy and this only lessens my chances in the neo-liberal status quo. What would you suggest for someone in my position? Also, what did you guys do in your post graduate years to position yourself best into a role of prominence? - Jesse (An OG Realigner)

Great podcast!

Great podcast! I enjoy listening to your thoughtful interviews, even when I disagree. You two are wickedly smart and sometimes it can go a little over my head but I enjoy it! Question - where do you two turn for more right leaning news/commentary? Any specific podcast or shows? Thanks!

Much Love

Hi, Guys, Not really a political question, but I finally thought of something I have not been able to find an answer to. I mainly listen to podcasts and only use Youtube sparingly (mostly Breaking Points). So, what works best on youtube to get you and other creators (1. paid and (2. suggested after other videos: is it subscribing, liking, or just viewing the video mostly? And a follow up to that, does it know if you watch the whole video or not and does it count if I just let it start? Most of the time I will jump on and hit play, like your vid, I'm already subscribing, then jump off, do the same to another vid-- just to get you and a few other shows numbers or money or whatever- but I don't know if it's necessary/helpful or not. Second, and likewise, no idea how podcasts work. Is it the subscriptions, plays, downloads, or likes that get you paid or moved up? For instance on Google Podcasts, you can't even hit like, so I'm not sure what helps. Then, is there one podcast platform that benefits you more than others (google, apple, spotify, etc.) to get paid from and also ranked and all that? Anyway, if you hit every part of those questions for both youtube and podcasts, and make suggestions, it might help you guys as well. Thanks for great content on all your shows and platforms! -Mike Data


Josh Rogin is amazing. We need to replicate him a hundred times over and maybe we can gain trust in American journalism. Great podcast - going to buy his book. Thanks for having him on as he is interesting to listen to as well as entertaining!

Great show!!

Love what y’all are doing really enjoy the conversations!!


Love the podcast and especially the recent Wuhan episode. Censorship around the Hunter Biden scandal was briefly mentioned and a podcast on the facts around Hunter would be interesting.

Awesome pod, legit Q

Marshall and Saagar are great on this podcast. I was a Riser from day 1 so I’m happy to see how everything has elbowed for you guys. I loved the latest lab leak episode Here is my question: Saagar, how did you feel when Eric Weinstein compared you to Dave Rubin? I literally burst out laughing when he said that as I know you must have felt deeply insulted yet you let it go with out objection. Here is your chance to respond. Thanks guys keep up the good work. Nathaniel Shaw


Hey you two, I really appreciate the show, you have taught me a lot. What is your take on the climate crises? How do you think politicians and the media are skews the true story?

Great Conversations

This podcast and the others like Breaking Points and Krystal, Kyle & Friends are more of what we need in this country. We need to make people like Marshall, Saagar, and others the new faces of media. If we get more conversations in the mainstream like the ones on this podcast, our society will be much more educated, and much better off.

Steady Growth

I was a huge fan of rising. Found this podcast few months ago through my large interest in learning more about Sagaar. I’ve happily got a lot of episodes to catch up on. Love the content and the steady growth of exposure for these guys. I would like to see Ryan Dawson of ANC Report get an opportunity to converse with these two wonderful fellows. Love listening so far and looking for TShirts to promote it.

Great pod

Love listening to the podcast. Saagar and Marshall do a good job of asking good questions that leads to interesting conversations, not just typical talking points. Makes for a good listen, even if you disagree politically with the guest. Keep up the good work.

Political medicine

Just listed to Marshall with Katherine Gehl and was energized by the conversation. The concept is doomed if establishment corporate media get wind of this, so I hope the independent outlets and individuals like Break Points, Greenwald, Taibbi, Rogan etc. all use their collective growing strength to spread the word of these ideas. This could be the enlightenment and different realignment this country has been waiting for after a dark 30-50 years. Keep dropping these 🔥pods guys it makes my mornings easier and more thought provoking.

Great show!

I love the Realignment even when I disagree with a guest because it makes me think. With that said, Gehl oversells Final 5 voting. When she described it as an achievable reform, another way of interpreting that is that it’s a reform politicians can approve of. The reason they can do so is two-fold: 1. It solves a problem for them. That problem is being primaried . Right now, if you’re primaried and you lose, that’s it. You’re done. Final 5 voting makes being primaried more survivable for them. That’s a self-interested reason to be interested in a reform. 2. Parties can approve of it, too, because primaries will still be based on plurality voting and - as California has shown with jungle primaries where the Top 2 advance to the general - this can work to the advantage of one major party over another by locking the other major party out. At 5 candidates, this is less likely to happen, but this may be the smallest crack the major parties would willingly open for any third parties. And as Gehl herself noted, she’s fine with a 2 party system. Is Final 5 voting an improvement? Sure. But let’s not kid ourselves. It’s an accommodative, self interested reform.



Civil War Question

Long time listener, first time review writer. Since the Lincoln Network supports the Realignment podcast, I thought a Civil War question would be appropriate. Lincoln’s decision to suspend the writ of habeas corpus during the Civil War is arguably the most controversial of his presidency. I haven’t been able to find a case where suspension of the writ was necessary to imprison and try a dangerous criminal where otherwise that criminal would have gone free. Do you think that suspension of the writ of habeas corpus was necessary and do you agree with Lincoln’s decision? Or do you think it was an overreach of executive power?

Fantastic show

I don’t have faith in a real realignment yet, but I am hopeful and love and listen to the show- great thoughts and guests. Two questions for Saagar (sorry). First, can you try to explain what happened in Zapata County Texas during the November election? Trump defeated Biden, yet in the Senate race the Democrat Hegar defeated John Cornyn. Every time I try to think of how that could happen, my brain bursts. Second, why no love for the Bigfoot team, Saagar? I have been a Bigfoot fan all of my life, but I only have faith in evidence that predates television, as well as in some of the - you know- footprints. But just as in the UFO world, a lot of pranksters and glory seekers give the rest of us a bad name. I have often thought how the world might change if a Bigfoot showed up and proved itself- perhaps a reaction similar to if an Alien landed and did the same. Hmmmm...

Quality Intellectual Programming + Question

The Realignment is a fantastic program that explores important and often overlooked questions about America’s cultural, political and economic future. The guests are great, the hosts are even better and can consistently prompt thoughtful discussions. My question is for both hosts: with nearly every facet of life being ported to the digital ecosystem, I question young adults and kids’ ability to healthily adapt to the technologies they’re born into—specifically due to many companies’ investment in and reliance on psychological, emotional and attention-manipulating tactics. Do you think politicians should address this through educational legislation, similar to what young people must do to get a driver’s license, that gives kids the pros, cons, opportunities and pitfalls of the technology they’re using? I think it’s safe to say parents can’t keep up fast enough to provide that level of education and, similar to the reasons we don’t rely solely on parents to teach their kids how to drive, think there needs to be some level of mutual understanding surrounding the technologies they use.

Great new addition to my regular podcasts

I’ve been searching far and wide for an actual non-crazy reality based right leaning podcast that addresses substantive issues from a conservative perspective. A real populist right podcast that discussed and had nuanced conversations about culture, finance, and all things political who’s main agenda was not to promote outrage and demonize anything that opposed Trump. I suppose the closest I’ve found so far are The Fifth Column or Useful Idiots. They aren’t promoted as right wing podcasts but definitely do not favor either side of the isle, bash on both their houses and come out after listening that a big lefty like myself agrees with 90% of the populists right economic agenda. If leftists are able to put aside on all their culture war and “woke” agenda, there definitely is a very substantial voting block that could advocate for a real middle class revolution. I often tell myself that there is plenty of time to fight about all the cultural disagreements after major policy has been enacted that compensates workers who’s pay has not been tied to the gains in productivity over the past 40 years. And once no one has to worry about going bankrupt due to unexpected medical expenses, and finally a job with an employer that pays well enough, with or without a college degree, for someone to afford a small home or apartment, save a little for retirement or even take a vacation once or twice a decade, and maybe even have the luxury of having a kid or two.

Actually worth the 5 stars

Love the show, guys. Each episode is thoughtful, and thought provoking. Keep up the great work!

The Realignment Thesis

Marshall & Saagar may be the best podcast hosts you will find. I find myself consistently impressed at their ability to break guests out of their bubble & engage on deeper issues, steering the conversation to the broader thesis of the Realignment that is taking place under our noses. Marshall & Saagar have incredible insight into what the future holds and what direction this country is headed. We are entering into a time when people long not only for truth, but for voices they know aren’t trying to manipulate them. The Realignment and Rising break away from your regularly scheduled Kayfabe & give the viewer a much needed dose of reality. I am so excited to see where Saagar, Marshall, Krystal, and these end up going.

Much Love Ya’ll - And a Question!

I'm a big fan of The Realignment! My fav episodes have been ones where you bring on guests with different perspectives from yours on an issue. Would you consider bringing on a CR Theorist like Ian Haney Lopez to discuss your differing thoughts on CRT?

New Favorite Political Podcast

I love Marshall and Saagar, but the true strength of this pod comes from their incredible ability to find an endless stream of smart heterodox guests. I don’t always agree with what they say, but the best pods don’t bolster your worldview but challenge it. Listening always makes me reconsider issues and say to myself “I never thought about x that way.” Marshall and Saagar really understand politics and their guests each grasp issues in new and fascinating ways. I’ve suggested this to my family over quarantine(I’m sixteen) and each episode has been a launching point to greater conversation. Keep up the good work guys!

One of my top podcasts!

Longtime listener. Here’s my question: in regards to the recent talk about tech monopolies, isn’t monopoly the goal of business and capitalism? Peter Thiel has an excellent book called Zero to One where he proposes the idea that you should create niches for your business where you are able to dominate. Monopoly is the goal (i.e. The Reallignment is the top political podcast for libertarian, centrist-minded millennials). That said, should we punish companies that have fought hard to rise to the top? Aren’t they the winners of capitalism? They created better products, services, etc… Would love to hear your thoughts -Danno


Hey guys my name is Anthony DuPrau and I’m a huge fan of your show and a Riser. My question is if you could pick one president either dead or alive you could bring on your show who would it be?


Political fantasy draft: Every politician is now a free agent and it’s your job to draft into office your top 10 or 20. The catch is you must select an equal number of left/right, republican/Democrat for a 50/50 split. Bonus points if you choose a celebrity like Matthew McConaughey as one of your people. Love the podcast Love when Marshall shows up on rising Hate with a passion when Jennifer Holdsworth shows up. Hope you read this, keep up the good work!


Hey Guys, regular listener here although I am more left aligned politically. Love your show and find it to be a good faith attempt at presenting your side of the story. I wouldn’t have given Senator Hawley the time of day but I don’t resent you for doing it. I have some questions on this topic in particular but also on some of the other things you have covered in the past. 1. Senator Hawleys attempts to explain his positions against monopolies was extremely disingenuous in my book. One he has a poor understanding of who are the customers of their products. It’s the advertisers and they love FB, Twitter, google and Amazon because it allows them to micro-target audiences with the least money spent. These platforms have substantially reduced the barrier to entry for small business advertisers who would never be able to afford the reach that CBS or Fox would give them. And two if he was actually serious about it, he would extend it to all industries including Boeing, Northrop Grumman or Hallie Burton who actually have govt funded monopolies with huge barriers to entry. It’s easy to bootstrap a Twitter rival. It’s nigh impossible to build a startup airplane manufacturer. Why do you think nobody considers this more urgent? 2. Regarding the lab leak hypothesis of Covid-19, gain of function research gets talked about a lot. I see it in the same light as Project Manhattan. Even though the first use of nuclear fusion technology was a WMD, it did eventually lead to a nuclear power revolution. More importantly blaming project manhattan for Chernobyl isn’t a good strategy. The inability to implicate or punish China has more to do with the US removing itself from world organizations like UN than anything else. Why is WHO a Chinese puppet? Because it’s not a US puppet anymore. How do you reconcile your support for an isolationist foreign policy with the reality that when police retreat, the mafia takes over?

Entertaining, insightful and actionable! 🔥 🔥 🔥

I’m not sure it’s possible to overstate how impactful this podcast is. Not only to Marshall and Saagar string together one of the most thoughtfully curated list of relevant guests you can find if you’re interested in understanding the cultural moment we live in, they navigate each conversation with the kind of beginner’s mindset that makes anything remotely touching politics actually fun to engage with! Regardless of where you are in your journey of learning and understanding our social fabric (it’s highs, lows and everything in between) this show needs to be on the top of your playlist. Full stop. 🙌

Balanced Discourse and Thought-provoking Guests

The Realignment is built for curious people who are open to new perspectives and better thinking. The assortment of guests across the tech and political spectrum have helped me open up to ideas - both new ones and historical ones we should revisit.

The Standard for Republican News

Saagar and Marshal are some of the only Republican voices that are objective about facts today. They openly express their opinions as opinions, not facts, which is refreshing.

Best Poscast

I’ve been watching Saager on the Rising the last couple of years and recently started listening the podcast as well. He and Marshall are a great team and always an interesting listen.

Link to Explores

Marshall, on the most recent podcast you asked for suggestions for ways to link the Explorers Podcast with The Realignment. Here’s a thought: The book 1493 by Charles Mann speaks to the fact that Spanish exploration started the more modern globalization and the interdependence of the economies of China, Spanish America, and Europe, including monetary policies. There is a lot here that ties to today and modern globalization has deep roots with the Spanish explorers. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Tom @goletaslim

Always thought provoking, narrative challenging, and well informed.

Hi Marshall and Saagar, big fan of the podcast and the work you’re doing! My question for you is almost more of a question of advice. I am 27 years old, and just started an exciting new job as a project manager with a large fintech in the Midwest. We have been experiencing exponential growth over the last few years, and a lot of the growth is international, mostly in India, Europe, and China. I am concerned about the level of involvement that my new job is going to have with Chinese companies and the business practices that we have to follow to appease the CCP. We have to communicate with our counterparts via WeChat, which is something that makes me very uncomfortable. The fact that I am now part of a US based team that has to kowtow to this system goes against everything I believe. I guess my question would be - how do I balance my own beliefs, and my own concerns with this, without jeopardizing my career? I am not sinophobic towards the people of China, but I am starting to feel like I am part of a bigger problem with American corporate acceptance and compliance with the Chinese system in the chase of a dollar.

Always a great listen

Always a very informative and interesting show. The hosts will push the guests and get the most from the interviews. Learn something new every episode.

Bid is 25% above list price, Cash offers only.

Hi guys, big fan of the podcast, have been listening since early 2020. As a member of early Gen Z, I see how an impending housing crisis can severely effect those around my age who have just recently entered the workforce. My long term girlfriend and I have been saving up hoping to buy a house or townhome, but with the current market inventory in the southeastern US, I’ll say it isn’t looking to promising. What sort of policy measures have been proposed or suggested to try to keep the possibility of buying “The American Dream” open to young people, while creating punitive measures to discourage mass real estate purchases by large financial entities? And do you think that the Biden administration will keep an issue like this at the forefront?

Turning Points No One Mentions?

Hi Marshall and Saagar, Love the show. You guys have had some amazing guests recently and you seem to be making a bigger and bigger impact which is awesome. My question for you is about turning points in political history. Are there any moments you two think were really influential that most people either don’t remember or don’t mention? As an Econ geek I always think of the US leaving the Bretton Woods system as a critical policy decision and I only ever heard about it from ONE of my college professors (he was an economic anthropologist). What do you guys think? The more obscure the better. Thanks!

The Best Show for Rational Young Americans

Marshall and Saagar have fundamentally changed the way I look at a lot of topics and American politics in general. They do a great job of not forcing an ideology on you, but giving you the basis to which you can form your own opinion. You guys devote a lot of time to discussing foreign policy, tech, VC’s, etc. As an young professional and avid outdoorsman, I think it would be interesting to have a guest like Steven Rinella or Ryan Callaghan from MeatEater to discuss the confirmation of Deb Haaland and the issues of domestic policy on public lands, natural resources, etc. It would be a great blend of two of my favorite podcasts. Keep at it guys! Jake

Weston wamp episode

I’m giving this review a 5 star review even though I want to give it a 1, because I like the show. This episode was great up until deficit talk. This guys claims he’s “no austerity hawk” when he literally has an organization complaining about national debt. I appreciate saagars push back but I’m sorry this was not a “good faith” take by Weston. He claims that mmters think the debt has no limits when in fact it’s clearly stated that there is a real production and inflation limit to deficit spending. I am still searching for a good faith argument about the debt concern, being on the right myself, but this guy ain’t it. I certainly think there are potential flaws in MMT but have not heard good arguments yet.

Thoughtful, fair, & efficient

New to your podcast...I’m a fan already. Thank you for your in-depth, multi-faceted, strategic style of examining topics. I love that you are able to laugh and be fully present while simultaneously leaving emotions that would otherwise fog your perception out of the conversation. Keep it up! Great guests, too!

Love your show!

Keep it up!


Why do you believe so much the vaccines are safe? I recommend watching the Bret Weinstein interview with Geert Vanden Basche who even used to work at the Gates Foundation, & is raising serious fears about using these types of mRNA vaccines, which Weinstein agrees is a plausible. The fact that the same crowd of people who treat science as a religion hold you in contempt for, you know, raising some questions makes me far more skeptical to get the vaccine (FYI I’ve never been an anti-vaxxer but the shear level of propaganda & contradictions since Covid started has made more distrustful of the medical groupthink). Thanks

History class

My history of modern Latin America class covered Brazil a couple of weeks ago. I shared your episode with Glenn Greenwald with my class a couple of weeks ago, because Glenn reiterated many of the points Glenn spoke upon regarding Brazil. There were a couple points in the podcast that I’m sure my professor would disagree with, however, it’s important that we hear different view points. I love the podcast, thank you Saagar and Marshall!

Inspiring 4/20 episode

The episode with Dr. Sabet was fantastic, and it spurred me to think much more seriously about how marijuana has become more visible my life and what to do about it. After my state legalized the drug, it has become extremely common, now even among kids who I believe never would have used it if it was illegal. My question to you would be, how can a young person advocate caution and temperance on this issue without coming off as a complete narc?


All you hear these days is how decriminalization is the best policy solution. Those in favor often evoke the “justice” argument. I appreciate hearing the other side of this issue. Policy is about trade offs, so hearing an opposing view should help those listening better understand them for this issue. Well done!

Good show

Would love to hear a conversation with Prof Richard D. Wolff or David Harvey.

Love this podcast!

Its very refreshing to hear open discussion on sensitive and critical topics without all the politicization we see in MSM. 100% agree with Dr. Sabet. Just because something is a tradition or normalized, doesn’t make it good.

Love the show, y’all are great

So, y’all often talk about here and on Rising about “Washington Brain” and how politicians often get into power and lose touch with their voters and don’t understand what they actually think. Unfortunately, here in my home, a Dallas suburb, we are having a small version of that issue. For example the city council isn’t listening to the people and basically bully each other when new members are elected to vote how they want rather than how the voters overwhelmingly want them to. Outside of voting them out, which isn’t working, what do we do to change our local politics and break up some of this mini Washington brain mentality? Everyone is constantly furious but nothing changes. Thank y’all, Diana Boss PS Saagar thank you soooo much for your thank you video for the 2020 book, my toddler was over the moon that you finally said “hi” back to him. 😊

Alcohol Regulation / Tied House Laws/ Question

Hey Marshall and Saagar, You two are killing it with this podcast. Thank you for taking the time to dissect the nuances and framework of each guest’s argument without allowing to become a bilateral left/right cage match. It truly is a breath of fresh air compared to the mainstream media. Really great discussion with Dr. Kevin Sabet on Marijuana and the future of the industry. I noticed Saager brought up the various states and how some of them have ABC stores for selling liquor and some do not. It’s a great observation, you didn’t get a succinct answer from the doctor, and I think it needs a though explanation and even a podcast. I wanted to recommend a book for you both which has quintessentially laid the framework for each states laws on the segregation of the manufacturing sector and wholesale sectors from the retail sector, otherwise known as tied house laws. The book is called “Toward Liquor Control” by Raymond B. Fosdick and Albert Scott, and commissioned by John D. Rockefeller to study and prepare America for the return to legal alcohol and regulation with the eventual passage of the 21st Amendment. I think this will help you both in understanding how each of our 50 states have fashioned their own laws to balance the interests of the alcohol industry and our own personal vices with the virtues of public safety and health, along with some sound economic theory on why eliminating vertical integration, as suggested in the book, in an industry of controlled-substances like alcohol has actually given rise to the growth of the modern craft beer and craft distilling movements, spawning more jobs and creating competition in the marketplace. This book is constantly used and cited by regulatory experts and the foundational treatise of modern alcohol policy in the post-prohibition era. I respectfully disagree with the Doctor that the task to legalize and properly regulate Marijuana is not politically or practically feasible. I think with great advocates who know what they are doing, and these people actually exist, this task can be achieved to spawn a new era in proper Marijuana regulation using a variant of the tied house model approach, which creates built in checks and balances within the industry, and legal mechanisms to address public safety concerns. Also, if you want a good date to launch a podcast to have that discussion like you did with 4/20, do December 5th, the date Prohibition ended. I hope my brief synopsis has made this topic sound sexy enough to do a deep dive. I also had a totally unrelated question: I want to buy a house so bad, but I don’t know if I can trust big tech sites like Zillow and Redfin to give me clear answers on housing prices and purchasing strategies. Are these sites really a “great utility” for the average homebuyer or are they simply an online mechanism for driving up prices? What is their business model and who do these sites really serve? Thanks guys!

Good show

5 stars, I hope the hosts will watch Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister. It’s an old bbc show but I’m confident that they would love it.

Fan Love and Question and Book Recommendation

These dudes absolutely rock and I recommend everybody to listen to this podcast. The way that these guys spit it straight without clinging to any ideological dogmas is refreshing, and they have great guests on all the time. BOOK RECOMMENDATION for Marshall and Saagar: First a book recommendation. You guys totally have to read the book The Fourth Turning by Neil Howe and William Strauss. It is an amazing work of American history viewed through a generational lens, and explains a lot about why culture has shifted how it has since WW2. They also coined the term millennial in 1997 and its spot on about this generations mindset. QUESTION for Marshall and Saagar: Do you guys think that the US will accept a fate of long-term population decline?? East Asia is facing population decline right now and shows little intention to bring in immigrants. Europe is facing a nativist backlash for the immigration that it’s invited in the last decade and family size continues to shrink. Im pro-immigration and want a growing USA, but you guys often talk about tight labor markets regarding worker wages. Do you think the US will allow itself to shrink in size, or will we snap out of our coma when we realize this trend. Will there be a baby boom, immigration wave, or a period of decline? Predictions and opinions??

Question: Federal subsidies for the culture war?

Fantastic show, if you like rising and feel like there aren’t any shows examining today’s issues in depth and in good faith, you’ll love this show whether you’re left or right. On to my question for the hosts: In episode 103 with Michael Doran, you touch on the culture war debate and the “private companies / universities can do whatever they want” retort, to which Marshall briefly brings up the fact that Amazon is receiving billions in federal contracts. This gets at a larger issue which i’ve barely seen brought up: universities (and companies, to a lesser but still significant extent) receive MASSIVE federal subsidies and grants, and these grants often directly fund highly partisan CRT “studies” which are then used as the basis to push leftist policy. With the understanding the private organizations have freedom of assembly, shouldn’t the acceptance of federal government funds carry some restrictions, or at least guarantee that the recipients won’t discriminate based on race (as Mr Doran admits many universities do)? During the episode all three of you seem to take at face value the fact that these organizations’ behavior can’t be challenged legally, but i would posit that the government has an obligation not to give grants or subsidies to organizations that so blatantly limit political expression. Welcome your guys thoughts on this, and any recommendations on writers or thinkers on this topic.

Awesome podcast

Great podcast. Hay I had an idea for you: “proletariat replacement theory”. As all of us informed people know, American elites are not simply trying to “replace” working class whites, but Blacks as well. The mania for low skilled immigration is about class, not race. Do you think this formulation can take the issue away from the ultra right and allow America to finally resolve this problem before it drives us into major civil unrest? Thanks.

Asking the right questions

I enjoy your podcast and rising, both shows speak to me as to asking the nuanced questions we need to ask if we are to move past the generation of our parents governance Which leads to my question. Biden has stated that the US will withdraw within the Middle East and while I agree with that idea. I imagine there will be negative effects, economic or otherwise, to the US because of that decision. There are profits to be made off of war and what happens when those profits disappear?

Thought Provoking and Insightful

I love listening to your show and the wide diversity of topics. However, as I listen again to discussion of AI, tech, the requirement for advanced degrees, etc I think there may be a counter path. What about talking to someone like Mike Rowe about the Skills Gap. There are many high paid Blue Collar jobs that can’t be filled. Too many people get in debt for college degrees that don’t serve them in the future. Thanks

Best podcast, period. Here’s a question...

Hey guys, love the pod. Both “war with China” podcasts reminded me of a short but impactful conversation I had with an old history professor I had in college in 2016. We were discussing the turmoil in our country and I simply asked “when do you think we will see a major political shift in politics including both as a geopolitical super power and our domestic policy across both parties?” His response was “when the baby boomers die off”. At first I laughed but soon realized the truth in his statement. Do you guys think there will be a political shift after our parent’s generation dies off? (I’m pro parents not dying off btw) and do y’all think it will cause yet more division given the current trends with younger generations? I see an obvious attitude difference towards social issues and foreign policy amongst baby boomers and millennials but I’m not so sure that we haven’t just inherited the same views but with different roots. In 1960 it was the fight against communism. Today it’s the fight against terror. Does money and power supersede generational beliefs and tendencies? P.S. I’m a history major and I love the historical context you guys provide. I always gravitated towards WW1 as an interest and the lack of perspective many Americans have on western civ in general is alarming particularly topics such as Marxism, the Revolutions of 1848, WW1, and the French Revolution. Also, the Guns of August by B. Tuchman should be required reading. I also want to recommend a couple books “Passchendaele: The Untold Story” by Robin Prior and Trevor Wilson and “The End of Tsarist Russia: the March to WW1 and Revolution” by Dominic Lieven. The latter is a grind but amazingly informative on the Russian sphere during the turn of the century. I was going to say “Ordinary Men” by Christopher Browning but I’m sure you guys have got it. If not, it’s a must. Thanks for making my days better. Sincerely, Ryan K. from Atlanta, Ga

#1 Political Podcast out today

Always incredibly insightful, ideologically curious, truly focused on the issues and it couldn’t be more helpful to today’s world of political commentary.

Longer format

Love that you are having longer conversations! Keep it going love the podcast!

Good show

5 stars


I love the show you guys have really broaden my thinking about the world we live in. I have been also been listening to a guy named Peter Zeihan and I just want to know if this guy is a joke or if he is somewhat right.

Like the show but not sure it’s conservative

I’ve been listening for a few months and the topics and discussion are good though the jargon can run high. I like the show but I’m not sure you guys are conservative. At least not in the way I think of conservatism. I’m older than your usual (and clearly targeted) demographic but that’s also why I listen (we gen Xers tend to be contra). Maybe the generational gap is the cause of my confusion. From what I heard from the show you are what I would consider center left particularly your support of modern monetary theory (maybe I’m hearing you wrong on this). My question (more of a request) is that you run down the beliefs and policies that make you conservative? And what is your view of MMT?

Thought Provoking

I ran into this podcast through Rising and I have been going through the episodes for a few months now. I think it is the only thing online that closely mirrors my politics. Hopefully sometime in the future this vision of the conservative realignment will be mirrored by leaders in Washington. I hope Saagar and Marshall continue the great work!!

Great show

I appreciate that this podcast asks the right questions and has a focus on how current events relate to the big picture instead of getting lost in the day to day culture war Twitter flare ups. As someone who works around NY politics and as a fan of Caro, I’d be interested to hear if Saagar noticed any parallels between Gov. Cuomo’s scandals and Robert Moses’ fall from grace as detailed in the Power Broker. I believe Cuomo thinks of himself as an heir to the Moses framework and if you agree, what do you think comes next?

Fantastic Pod!

Marshall and Sagaar, love your show and a huge fan of Rising as well! Given the recent media hubbub surrounding the GA election law as well as the increasing prominence of crypto currencies and blockchain technologies, do you ever see a future where blockchain is used to facilitate voting, perhaps on a national scale? Something that crossed my mind recently is a sort of “voter NFT”, like an electronic voting token provided directly by the government to each eligible voter, which could possibly alleviate concerns surrounding voter identification, election security, as well as voter accessibility. Would love to hear your thoughts on this and whether you think we could ever move to a nationwide system of voting that is 100% electronic given concerns about security and the variability of voting laws across the 50 states.

Greatest podcast out there!

This is truly a phenomenal podcast. Marshall and Saagar do a great job bringing in interesting guests, and presenting an unbiased look at the larger political movements occurring in the US. I love hearing well thought out arguments from both sides of the political spectrum. It is the first and only podcast I consistently tune in for on a weekly basis. Keep up the great content!


I enjoyed you on Rogan and I get it that you’re a fan/friend of his, but you don’t need to bring him up every episode. It’s starting to get weird.

Great podcast

Love the podcast and the really well thought out takes tou guys have. What are some “conspiracy theories” you guys think are actually true? I personally didn’t buy into any of them until the whole Jeffrey Epstein debacle. Now I’m not sure what other conspiracies may or may not be true.

Great podcast, even better hosts

I found this podcast from watching Saagar on Rising. It’s a good one with an unbiased view of the world, which is hard to find these days. These guys are only going up!

Responsible political discourse

Saagar is one of my favorite voices in podcasting. I share him regularly with both my liberal and conservative friends and more often than not get a positive response in return (I’m a CA independent) For all the negativity towards younger voices today he is one of the few adults in the room. Marshall is starting to grow on me the more I listen and is really coming into his own. His questions come off sincere and honest and not loaded and obvious to get a response he wants. These two guys make my life more enjoyable than before. Undo the insanity and subscribe. Grab a Topo Chico and enjoy.

The Near-Term of GOP Populism

Marshall/Saagar, have really enjoyed the podcast and looking forward to what is coming down the road. One of my favorite aspects is the quality of conversations you have with guests that aren’t as widely known across the country, or really, Twitter. Given this, I am curious if you think there are more J.D. Vance’s waiting in the wings espousing similar populist views? Or if those possessing similar abilities are largely staying away from the political arena? Also, if anything can be done in the ‘22 Ohio race, or a similar race, to push back against whoever Trump endorses, assuming it is not Vance? Thank you!


Really enjoy this pod. Was a Bernie supporter both in 2016 and 2020 but have generally been disappointed by the left podcast sphere and the amount of time they spend rehashing internet drama. These guys are having thoughtful conversations about topics the left will be completely blindsided by unless we can wise up.

Y’all should invite...

Russell Brand! He’s on the pulse of the Western zeitgeist, makes good cases about the problems with Big tech and Political power, is very articulate is HILARIOUS! But you’d need 2.5 hours for a legit discussion. Make it happen, Gents!!


Marshall and Saagar - I don’t always agree with your takes but I really enjoy the podcast, always listen in, and I like the topics you discuss and the guest you have on. I am also a Riser and watch every episode. What you guys are doing is beneficial for us as a country and I never hesitate to recommend your content. Although I would like to ask a variation of a third party question, the question I’ll ask is about identity politics. After Tammy Duckworth basically said she’s not voting for a white nominee until President Biden commits to selecting more AAPI individuals to serve in his administration, do you think this is a trend that will continue? Will more minority groups threaten to withhold their votes if they don’t feel adequately represented? And furthermore, do you think the electorate will care more about identity or ideology/policy going forward?

Stimulating and Enjoyable Listen

Love the show. Thanks for the great work that you do Marshall and Saagar. It feels like many conservatives I know have become increasingly skeptical and hostile to big business for culture war reasons, but that doesn’t seem to have translated to support for labor or counterbalancing institutions. Is there an opportunity for opinions on labor issues to be realigned by way of the culture wars? I’m interested in what circumstances would be required for a broader shift in attitudes on the topic. Thanks!

Foreign Policy Question

Hey Guys - Big fan of the pod (started 4 months ago). After listening to Admiral Stavridis episode and Sagar’s recent Rising radar, I’ll admit, I’m somewhat addicted to hear you both talk foreign policy. Have not heard much from new administration outside of rejoining JPOC, and the love missiles sent to Syria. IMO the Abraham accords have totally changed the game, since Obama years. Would love to know your thoughts on how the current state of Middle East policy and what the future holds?

Great content!!

I listen regularly and truly feel many episodes could be much longer. Saager and Marshall are prepared and very articulate along with compelling guests and topics. I always learn something new. Thanks for all you do.